• Please let me know if you would like to see additional photos or view in person. Thanks

  • The color is moonbeam and dark grey. Are you able to see the images in my listing on the site?

  • Hi Nitya, I'm in Vista, what color are they? 

  • Hi Rachel,

    I have a complete like new booth set up for sale.  Please see listing. I am by San Elijo Hills minutes from Carlsbad.

    Also available is a tall directors chair. Both panels and chair were used once only.



  • Hi -- we have a bunch of panels -- but unfortunately they are knock down style.  You can see our post about them. 

    Let me know if you're interested -- they really are so much easier to use because of portability.  Happy to sell or rent.  10574008076?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Hi Nasho, 

      I'm in need of them for a one day event on the 26th of this month, and possibly more shows in Sept/Oct.

      Questions for you:

      how tall and wide in inches are they when assembled?

      how much would you charge for 3 day rental of a set 9

      Do you ever end up south towards San Diego or be willing to meet me 30 mins- an hour south of LA? I'm located in Carlsbad and attempted to drive to LA last week, and because of traffic it took 3.5 hours one way. It can be a 1.5 hour trip but I would have to pick up/drop off around 6-7AM.


      Let me know your thoughts

      Thank you 



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