I am new to the festival scene and keep getting waitlisted because I do not have a booth shot and three panel booth. I would like stackable (3x3') pro panel walls, preferably Armstrong carpet panels that can fit in my VW wagon to go to shows. I am new to selling so I do not have much of a budget...but I need the whole set up....lights and walls, etc. I would like to start with an indoor show. Anyone know of one that I can rent to get started, or one for sale that size? I am flexible on color and can come pick it up if near Nashville.



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  • Hey Kimberly, Not sure what your medium is... but you can still do the "Maker's Tent" ( I think that is what it is called) at the Tennessee Craft show in May. Might be a good way to dip your toe in the show scene before committing to a large cost. You can email tennesseecaraft.org and I think they can get you to the right people.  One thing that is good to do starting out is to do as many emerging artist shows as you can. They are usually listed a bit of a way down on the Zapp or JAS applications. Many don't require a booth shot. They provided you with tent, set up and other helpful things. In fact, the emerging artist booth at 4 Bridges even gives you a full day intro workshop to art shows and cards and lots of good help. They are set up so you can make some money....so you can afford those pesky things like tents and pro-panels. 

    • Thank you so much, Margaret!

      That is very helpful. I applied to the emerging artist Bridge Show and did not get accepted this year. I will keep looking for other ones:) I have applied to four shows on Zapp and have not gotten accepted, even if it was without a booth shot. I am working on improving my photography of my work.

      Thanks again!



      • Good photo shots are invaluable. My husband has been a professional photographer all his life and he sets the lights up and does a proper job for me and it really makes a difference. I am in Knoxville...We might be able to set things up for you- and even do a booth shot since I have the tent and panels you need. Let me know. BTW, what is your medium? If you can message me on facebook and send me some of your work...I might be able to help. Always willing to help a newbie....I got a lot of help along the way when I started out (a lot from this site) and it was very valuable. It helped me cut a lot of costs and figure out the best way to go about this business. 

        • Margaret,

          Thank you!

          I am in Nashville and my medium is oil. You can see my work at www.kymsartbox.com or on Instagram at lagunatic5 or see me on facebook as Kymberlee Stanley. I would love help with my photos. I will be coming to the Knoxville street show on May 31st, staying with a friend, and I WILL need a tent and panels. Will you be showing then? If I could rent your panels or borrow them, that would be AWESOME! I just borrowed a friends three panel system to set up for the booth shot to apply this morning (to a show on Zapp in Asheville). We'll see if that helps. Meanwhile, if you have pro panels, that would be best!



          • Unfortunately, I will be there also and I do have another tent but a friend already has dibs on it. If your booth shot doesn't work we might be able to set up a shot on my panels at the end of the show. I really like your work and I think it would be great in Ashville or Knoxville. These areas are a bit more conservative with their taste and I think your impressionistic work will do really, really well. In fact, look for shows in North and South Carolina (Piccolo Festival maybe) I have found that your type of painting is really in demand there. Good Luck and see you in KTown.

            • Thanks so much, Margaret! I know someone who can rent me their tent for the show, so I will be Ok. I look forward to meeting you in Knoxville. Do you know anything about the Asheville Fine Art Festival in May? I was just accepted into it, and I am wondering if it will be worth the $475 booth fee.

              I'll post about it too.


              • I met the promoter at the Coconut Grove Show in Miami....she came around to meet most of the artists. She was very personable. I have heard the venue has been switched so that is not a great sign...but she said she was going to really advertise the show. S

                So, who knows.

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