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I have seen others using some narrow (like 18, 20 inches wide) folding tables in their displays, but have never seen any in stores. Everything I have seen is at least 24 inches wide, which is too wide. I could really use some in my studio, where space is at a premium, and I don’t want to reach across a wide surface. Then I could use them later during the show season. I have actually been stacking up Rubbermaid bins and topping with foam core to use for additional project space, but then the space underneath is wasted. Thanks for your help.

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Target has folding tables 20 inches by 48 inches.

Larry Berman

We bought ours in a used office supply store, where they had been classroom desks.

Don't know if you've found what you need by now, but I have two 20" x 48"s from Samsonite that I got on craigslist years ago. Been very happy with them. Don't know if they still make them.

walmart has 18 inch tables

I recently ordered some tables from Coleman which I saw on amazon.  They are 31.5 x 15.5.  The legs are adjustable to three heights.  I like them, but they are not really strong---I am not sure what you are putting on them. It is called something like a "Packaway 4 in 1 table.

You can hook the two tables together to make one square one if you want.

some folks have covered "beer pong" tables which are the right size and fold up nicely.

I bought 18" x 60" tables through Amazon last year and they work great. I did a quick search on Amazon and saw they have an 18" x 72" table for $50. The company is called Flash Furniture. I'm pretty sure they are the ones I bought mine from through Amazon. They've held up to weekly brutality and as a Prime member I got free shipping. Hard to beat that. Good luck!
They are on Walmart website for $53 with free shipping


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