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  • Welcome to Art Fair Insiders, Ellen.  We’re so glad you joined us.  I hope you’ll find the site helpful and that you’ll share your ideas and experiences, ask questions and join the discussions. The site is only as good as the members make it.  We have a lot to offer one another, experienced and newbie alike.

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    Each of us is unique and has a gift to share that can help someone else. We all look forward to your sharing on ArtFairInsiders.com.

    Best wishes, Connie Mettler

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  • Sunny but cold...I received an email requesting a special order cloche that I'm excited about and working on now, otherwise not much going on here.  I like your website, is that where you're posting the photos?  Good luck staying afloat on just your art...I'm trying to do that too, but I am also collecting Social Security, which helps immeasurably.

  • Do you mean a one bedroom apartment or is it really one room? We just moved from a 4000 sq. ft. Queen Anne Victorian to a 1400 sq. ft. bungalow and I still don't know how I did it...lots of purging. This house seems pretty small, can't imagine living in one room...how far are you from NYC? It sounds very Bohemian though... starving artist in your atelier. Do you have a day job? What does "size matters" refer to in regard to your art? I'm trying to think of some other ways to get your point across and help you come up with a new moniker...

  • Hey, I just visited your site, and I love love love the marbled silk! Also love the recycled glass earrings in your store. But the silk marbling, wow. I do marbling (is that how you spell it) in little places in my paintings - I love riding the edge of success/failure, and my guess is that you must, too? At any rate, your stuff is beautiful. Is there a way for me to get your blog by email? 

  • Thanks again, Ellen. I'm in now from the studio and am going to go look you up online. I love Pinterest, though I sometimes try to stay away, because I could lose entire DAYS browsing. We should be pinterest friends? At any rate, you really did make my day. I'm glad you're on AFI. Where are you in real life? 

  • Hi, Ellen - Thank you so very much for this comment. I'm really glad you like my paintings! I'm having a very low day today, despite the fact that I'm finishing up a big, bright floral that I love. I've had a lot of rejections for the 2015 shows, and am feeling a little wounded and low, and also sad, for whatever reasons. Your comment cheered me immensely. Thank you. 

  • You're welcome...yes, it's been in the teens and single digits here this past week...too dang cold!  Do you have a studio?  I'm fortunate in that I can knit almost anywhere and watch movies to boot...it's the felting where it gets a little more complicated but I love the entire process, sort of like alchemy...yours too.  As far as your dba name, maybe people are a bit embarassed by it and afraid to comment...as my good friend, Kathleen, always says "screw 'em if they can't take a joke"...ha,ha.  p.s. she doesn't use the word screw...stay warm and carry on!

  • p.s. love your blog title...ha,ha.  great idea with the drying rack too, so ingenious!  and your work is unbelievably lovely in it's intricacies and the colors are delicious!

  • Ellen,

    Thanks for responding to my welcoming message and for the nice compliment!  I'm headed to your page right now to look at your work...thanks again and happy to have you here!

  • Great job, Ellen! You're getting the hang of the site and we appreciate your enthusiasm. Welcome to AFI. Wish you could eat these ;)
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