I live in Kansas City and am in search of mesh walls (any color) and/or propanels and/or a used 10x10 tent. I am trying to figure out how to attend my first ever show. Also if you have any suggestions on how to display work without mesh walls, gridwalls, or panels, I would so appreciate. I am pretty intimidated. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Allison, 

    I don't know if you have already purchased a set-up, but I also have a complete set up for sale posted here on the forum. Ours (both the Trimline and our black Knock Down ProPanels) are in mint condition. I personally think that Black is the best color since it really sets off your artwork.

    Not only am I including all the basic hardware and accessories that a buyer gets if purchasing a package new from both places, - but tons of extras ($470 worth of Anchor Hangar kits, etc) My listing includes a desk which I deem important since not only is it a space to conduct sales, but provides a protected hidden space to store your purse, keys, etc.  It also is a great extra display space. 

    Being comfortable but eye level with your customers is essential so I am including a directors chair with a handy table.  To save your back and sore muscles, I am including specially designed Rock N Roller Multi-carts that will hold all display set up and save you hours when transporting everything to your booth which is often quite a trek away. 

    I know Chicago is a 7 hour drive away, -but if you did decide to make the trek here, it would be my pleasure  to show you how to use everything and set up.

    I also could offer you the hospitality of staying overnight with me and my wife in our guest room. (We've let several  other artists doing Chicago area art shows stay over in the past ) 

    Let me know if you have interest. And best of luck to you in your new venture


  • Hi Allison,

    I have a complete Flourish 10x10 TrimLine canopy with mesh walls that I'm getting ready to sell. I'm in Ames, Iowa - just a few hours drive north of you. My setup I'm selling includes TrimLine canopy top, zippered sidewalls, "universal" mesh walls, and awnings which are all in new condition and never used at a show (only set up one afternoon in my driveway once after receiving them). The poles are older from a previous TrimLine I used for some years, but function perfectly (just don't look brand-new like the roof and walls). I plan to post this set for sale here today. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in talking.


    • I just messaged you, thank you. 

  • I live in in St Paul MN. I have a complete Pro Pamel space saver set up for a 10x10 tent. Space saver is easier to move around if you don’t have a huge vehicle for single panels. You can see what they look like on Pro Panels. Also have one bin as well as smaller shelf bin. I can send pic if interested. They are in almost mint condition. Only reason interested in selling is ai would like to get a black set up. These are moonbeam in color.

    Let me know if there is any interest.

    Steve Hadeen

    • Hi Steve, I'm in Minneapolis and putting together my tent and gear for my first summer of exhibiting, and I would be interested in talking to you about buying your space saver pro panel set up. I'll message you on your profile. Meg McCormick

  • Hello Allison,

    I have a set of white mesh panels. They look like new and are in great condition. I'm asking $300.00 for them. Not sure  what kind of tent you have but lower stabilizer bars are needed to hold the bottom of the panels in place. I am located in Colorado Springs Co. so travel would be very hard. Shipping is possible but would be a little costly. I just posted an add selling my tents and propanels etc. I'm retiring after 35 yrs doing art shows across the country. Not sure what your medium is but my advise is to talk to other artist and always be watching what others are doing. And most of all know your audience. David

  • If you are coming anywhere near Richmond/Williamsburg VA I have a black mesh set with french door for sale. Im not selling tent that I use as sometimes still need. Paid 1260.00, asking 700.00. Its posted on this site. But its too heavy to ship .


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