• if you are looking to buy black mesh panels I have 3 that I am selling, barely used and in perfect condition. I have the receipt bought for 700 but willing to sell for 500 if you are interested . Miami/Orlando area

    • Hi Issis, I am interested in your softwalls, are they still available and if so are you willing to ship ? (zip code 97405) I'd cover cost of course. Let me know!


  • James.  I have a white 10x10 Flourish TrimLine canopy tent available ($750).  Do not have the softwalls, but do have a set of Original ProPanel display walls & extensions + accessories.  Located near St. Petersburg, FL.  Any interest?

    • Hi Paul,

      If James have not contacted you, I might be interested. I am very new to the festival game and looking for a tent, but I see you also have dispay walls. Do you have pictures of those? We live in Orlando area, so not a huge drive. Used to going to the Rays games. Let me know if still available and also what type of vehicle will handle the propanal display walls. Not sure how big those are.

      Thank you,


      • I saw in another post the walls are oatmeal. That would work for canvas oil paintings to show. Let me know.

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