Hi all.

Looking for a Trimline or Showoff canopy in good condition, 10x10 or larger. Sta-bars, mesh walls, front awning would be nice plusses.

I'm in KC. Would be willing to pay shipping or travel a bit for the right deal.

Ready buyer for those thinking about a sale! :)

I can be reached through this forum or quentinfox@yahoo.com as needed.

Thanks much!

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  • Did you ever find a tent . I have a 10x 10 trimline for sale and live in the Kansas City area.


    • Hi Jim.

      No, I haven't found another. I'd definitely be interested in learning more.

      Can you tell me about condition, features, and pricing?

      Also, sent you a friend request. If you accept, I'll send a phone number so we can talk/text.



      • Hello,

        Just wanted to let you know that I still have 10x10 trimline canopy for sale, if you are interested.


        • Hi. Please let me know features, condition and cost.



          • 301679090?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

            Trimline Canopy with Mesh Panel, Pro-Gallery Cover, and Spot lighting set is on sale. Used only 3 times and in excellent condition. Paid $2,105 for a whole unit and asking for $1,500. $1,100 if you buy Canopy and Mesh panel only. Art works shown in images are not for sale. 

            List of Item:

            Trimline Canopy (10x10) with StaBar
            Mesh Panel set for 7ft wall height (White)
            Pro-Gallery Cover 10x7 (Color: Galaxy Pebble)
            Pro-Gallery Corner Wrap 7ft Wall height (Color: Galaxy Pebble)
            45" Track Lights (Black) x 2

            Please let me know if you have any questions.


            • Do you still have this for sale?

              My cell is 985-768-9923.


      • At work right now, I will be able to communicate better later today and gather the information you will be wanting along with some photos. I will check on that friend request.  Talk to you soon.


        • Sounds great! Thanks much.


          • Hi Quentin, here's some details on the tent:

            10x10 Flourish Trimline with "tall wall (8')" extensions

            3 wall mesh panels with carry bag (180 sq feet of display space)

            stabilization bar kit

            anchoring (4 sand bags)

            rear door kit

            easy riser (for 1 person assembly)

            60" wide frosty clear skylight

            2 heat/wind vents in roof that can be rolled up

            Used about 10 times

            I paid $2100 for tent and extras in 2011, pristine condition

            Will sell for $1350

            I live in KC area - call for more info: 601-750-7087

            • Is this still available?  Thanks!

              Darlene 985-768-9923

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