Hi Everyone!

I just finished my first show and loved it, am signed up for a couple more this year. I'm looking for a pro panel setup for a 10 x 10 booth and possibly a tent. Can pick up anywhere in Southern California. Thank you!

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  • Hello JP I have a Light Dome tent for sale. But only have two walls. I am located in Ontario, California 

    It comes with a bag and three lower stabilizer bars. I sell it for $600 Let me know if you are interested. Thank you

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  • Hey John can you hold them for me for maybe 2 hours? I just need to confirm with my husband he's in a meeting

  • I'm going to pick them up from storage. They're 3 yrs old and have done maybe a dozen shows. In travel I had to store them laying down so I always put one panel on the bottom - it has some marks but not bad at all and it's just on one. I have 9 of the 8' panels with extensions. I also have two of the stiffeners used on the top. I'll also be selling a fantastic 10x10 Flourish (sp?) canopy with all sorts of walls and eves and whatnot - it was about $3600 as I recall. I know I spent about $2800 on the panels but I also got the desk, which I may keep. I aslo don't recall which color gray the panels are.

    • Sounds like that would work for me, I wanted the taller panels and I'm fine with either color of grey. I'd be interested in the desk as well if you decide not to keep it, possibly the tent, but I've only done one show so not sure if I'm ready to invest there yet. But I'm definitely interested in the panels. Just let me know, thanks so much!

      • Hi JP, I just listed the Propanels and canopy for $2,900 with possible delivery for an agreed fee. Looking to sell them together.

        • Hi John thanks. I might be able to rent them from someone in town, so might go that route for now. If for some reason you decide to split them up let me know. I just don't know if I'll end up doing enough shows to make it worth it yet.

          • Hey JP. I just cut down my sale offer to just the Propanels. I'm keeping the desk and hangers - I adjusted the list in my add. 

            • Hi John, I'd like to buy them, I can pay you now and we can figure out when a good time is for me to pick them up. Let me know how you want payment. Email is jpwackenstedt@gmail.com

            • Sorry I think I replied in the wrong place 😬. If you could hold the for me for a couple of hours, I just need to confirm with my husband he's in a meeting?

          • Renting's a good way to feel it out. Hope you have a great show!

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