I'm looking for inexpensive lodging or sharing of a place for the aforementioned art show.

I want a place within walking distance of the show. Parking is important. 

Let me know ASAP

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  • Call me 248-5358928 I may be interested.
    • I just read this, Barry. I'm driving back from Kentucky, pulled over for a nap. Probably too late to call you tonight. I will call you tomorrow.
  • Getting close as the show in Philadelphia is this coming weekend. Was hoping someone wanted to save some expenses and share. Or, perhaps they had to cancel and wanted to recoup some of their loss.


  • Not sure this applies, but just thought of it. When we went to Wash, DC, there was a place to call that helped people visiting the city finding lodging to meet their needs. I think i got the phone number from the tourist and visitors center or something like that. It did not cost for this service and it was a 800 number. Maybe the Chamber where you're going can help.

    • I tried what you said, Cindy. NG, Everything is expensive there.

      • Are you talking about Philly?
        The last few times that I was there, I had a hotel out of town, King of Prussia area, I think, one of the chains, nice hotel near the mall. Ok for parking the trailer. It was over $100 and that is all that I can recall, sorry. Walking distance is probably going to be expensive.

        • Yes, Philadelphia.
          Due to space considerations I wanted to keep some of my inventory in my vehicle. Then access it, as needed, during the show.
          Also, as parking is so problematic, I wanted to have lodging right there that I could park my vehicle.
          I realize this is expensive, that is why I was hoping to split it with other artist (s)
  • As there are no responses, I guess no one is doing that show or they all like to go it on their own.

    Anyone know of another site or place to look for this. 

    Lodging costs can really add up in some locations.

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