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Hi, I need to find track lighting that does not have the central attachment to the ceiling. The folks next to me said they got them from Home Depot, but cant find any that don't require being hard wired to a ceiling.  I want to attach them to my canopy frame. Thanks.

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They are correct. If you go to Home Depot, you will find plenty, that the tracks just have a plug on the end with a cord that you can use in a standard 110 volt AC outlet

I think this is what you're looking for. Print out the pictures and take them to Home Depot and see if they have something similar.

Larry Berman

I use them in my jewelry display whenever power is available.  There are 2 types of cords available... 1 with a switch and plug and 1 with only a plug.  I prefer the plug only as it is one less thing to worry with when setting up. I use 4 tracks (each 8 feet long)  and run the cords to a multi-plug unit with a switch.  That way there is only one switch to turn on and off.  I have used both tie wraps as well as clamps to hold the tracks in place.  Tie wraps look best, but I think the clamps are quickest.  I don't know what you are lighting, but I find the LED bulbs are the best for my product.  They are expensive, but worth it.  Also you can put more fixtures on the track because they use less power.  Good luck!

What is it you use? You didn't say. Thanks.

I use the standard tracks that I got at Home Depot or Lowes.  I got the plug in cords to make them portable.  They can be cantankerous (spelling??) at times.. I found it necessary to put the little "plugs" permanently in one end (I had the copper tracks push out without the "plugs") and then the plug in cords in the other.  They MUST be pushed in tight or they may not work.  Once I get them going I don't have any problems.  I have used them for the last several years with good success. I do not plug them in series.  I run each cord to a multi-plug with a switch on it. I have used this setup with a generator as well as a regular power source.

When I got mine, they came in cardboard tubes.  If you can find them like that it makes it easy to transport.  I leave the cords attached and put the cord end in the tube first with the cord running inside the track.  Also...don't try putting 2 4 foot pieces together.  They will sag in the middle and be a REAL PAIN!  I even attached the joint to a piece of wood, but it just didn't work well and wouldn't stay connected.  Bite the bullet and get the 8 foot length if you can transport it.  Good luck!  Hope this helps.

I taped two track light bars onto an 8 foot 1x2 which I clipped onto a pro panels lighting support bar.

Larry Berman

For my pop-up tent, as well as my trimline, I just use velcro to attach my track lights to my upper structure. 

Pop-up: Attaches to the diamond roof structure.

Trimline: I use the same poles as the stabars, (lightbars).

In both scenarios the velcro works great. Easy to maneuver / adjust, holds tight, quick to hang.

I also have another light unit, using all LED's that I custom made. puts out about 6,600 lumen, 5000K, 12VDC, 1"OD, does three walls, extremely light weight. Collapses down to no greater than 48" length (if I remember correctly). 

lighting details earlier are right on track. I use two, hooked together, and bungee them to the front of my tent so the light shines back in. 

Of course, you also need power. Lots of possible solutions but I use a deep marine battery - heavy but reliable - and a convertor. I ran it this past weekend for two days (10-6; 10-4) and still had juice. Plus, my convertor has a USB outlet so I recharged my phone, too. 

You can order these from Flourish - but the Home Depot lights are essentially the same thing. If you use the battery setup, just watch the number of amps the lights pull. Good luck.

Check out my post,,, I have a lot of track lighting for sale that could save you $$$ if what I have to offer is what your looking for. 

@Steven Lloyd, although you didnt give a link, i found your site. No track lights like i want and wow, you're really expensive compared to the other lighting systems ive been looking at. $100+ per light is way out of my budget. Im looking for strips with 3 to 4 lights each.

We use Nora tracks (3 @4 ft each)with the adapter that pushes into the end of the track. We leave these in, as we always attach our tracks to the tent frame or pipe/drape with cable ties. 

We love our little 11W LED lights, each of which fits into a Nora "Gimbel ring track head."  And we use a total of 8 or 9 of these.  Track was $17, ring was $11, bulb was about $12, and cord/plug set for each track was about  $12. Too tired to do the math but that should give you a start. 

I got everything at a local light supplier affiliated with the local wonderous hardware store because the guy there knew so much and my head was exploding with other choices.

This sounds exactly like what I'm looking for. Now I need to find a supplier like yours but it's a place to start. THANK YOU!


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