I am doing my first fair that need lighting. I am a painter. Not sure what to buy, or where to get it?

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  • I bought these for my last indoor show and they were great...Easy to install (I just zip tied them to a piece of wood over the top of my booth) and the light was great for making my colorful artwork really pop. They come with the bulbs which is an added savings...

    • how did you hook these up to an extension? On the website it looks like they are regular track lights that are hardwired.

  • I'm in a similar boat. I've done a number of shows where lighting may have improved my sales, but none where it's a necessity. My wall panels are steel Gridwall, but I can probably attach something to them to mounts lights on. What I want to do is buy a Power Pack, battery system, to power the lights. I've heard that they will last up to two days if you using flourescant lights. With the Power Pack I'm not depending on the show to provide the electricity.
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