I was probably one of a few who didn't sign up for a fair this past Labor Day Weekend. So out of curiosity how did everyone, who did them, fair? Good crowds? Any you would share and/or recommend? I see Labor Day weekend as a kick off to the Fall show season, so if there are good signs that people are buying a little more - it would be interesting to know that.

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  • I did a 2 day show in Iowa and did well. The average sales price was around $30 but there were a few sales of around $100 but nothing above that. This show had a patron's purchase program. That and the credit cards were 60% of the sales.
  • We did two shows. I was in New Hampshire and Diane was in MA, just north of Boston. We did okaaaay, but it wasn't nearly as good as last year. The economy is starting to have that emotional effect on the customers and I think they're saving for the push for Christmas. So we go on to two more shows this weekend. Diane's in Troy, NY and I'm in Chester, NJ.

    Personally, I would rather be in Washington, DC this Saturday, but I have a job to do.
    • D.C.? Because of the Healthcare issues and want to get in on the action or for pleasure? The best time to head to the city is for Cherry Blossoms, Lighting of the Christmas Tree and take in the sites. Anything political, it gets heated and blood pressures sore. But that's just my take - ha ha!
  • I did a different sort of show, a literature convention. My sales were more than I had ever made in the past! I mostly had cash sales. About 25% were credit.
  • I did a small local indie show in Pittsburgh, Crafts N'AT. This was the first year for it and I thought that the crowds and the amount of people purchasing looked more promising than I had seen all summer. Also more people using credit. All summer my sales were cash - if the person didn't have enough cash with them, they didn't buy. I saw more people using credit cards.
    • Hi Diane, I live in Pittsburgh. Tell me more about the show you did this past weekend.

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      • The show was put on by The Pittsburgh Craft Collective (www.pghcraftcollective.com) at the Union Project in Highland Park. It was a very artist friendly show since it was promoted by fellow artists and benefitted the Parkinson's Foundation. It was a 1st annual show. Many of the exhibitors also do the "I Made It Markets" and other indy shows. It was a one day show that was well attended and the booth rate was low.
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