Knockdown Pro panels and euromax tent pro art fair setup that will fit into a pickup truck or an SUV

If you don’t want to rent a van or buy a custom trailer or a van, consider knock down pro panels. Regular pro panels are about 7-8 feet long. Most Suvs or truck beds can’t accommodate them. I have fit this setup, including the pro euromax tent, the matching print bin, chairs, weights and accessories into the back of my pickup truck that is 58x76 inches. Many artfairs in the are requiring professional setup or you can’t get in or you will not be invited back in.

For sale in South Florida Pro Panels knock down panels in oatmeal, with panel height extenders, matching bin, matching tall podium and matching additional hanging shelves in oatmeal, 3,500 value for $1,000

For sale, used in good shape:

Pro panels One Knock Down with adjustable legs 7ft, 12 panels total. 9 – 30 inches wide, 3 -25 inches wide, makes the perfect U shaped tent or many other combinations.  It is used in good condition.

Euromax pro tent, commercial type

Pro panels extender panel 12 panels, adds additional height to tent

Large adjustable print bin with adjustable legs

Large Mini Desk with hidden shelves with adjustable legs 40 inches wide

2 Hanging shelving “Quick bin” : 14 depth, 10 depth

Metal connectors

I have additional setups and no space, so I am selling this one.

3,500 + shipping value, great value at $1,000 or BO. Serious inquiries only, located in Hollywood, Fl. All or nothing DM or

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