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Do you name your car/trailer/dolly/tent, etc?  I saw on another blog someone else named their trailer and I wondered "how many other people are goofy like me and name their stuff too?" 


Personally, I have an SUV named Lola b/c she seems spicy and sexy!  And I recently replaced Travis the Trailer with the larger and sleeker Stealthy Dwarf.  Silly, yes.  Its a Stealth trailer and I'm rather obsessed with the show Once Upon a Time, so naturally the only name I heard when I saw "stealth" was Stealthy Dwarf. 


Ah, the little things in life that bring a smile to our faces.  Fortunately, I'm easily amused.  What are some of your goofy names?

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Our wagon that we haul my equipment and paintings to and from the trailer, is named Clyde and the GPS (its a Garmin) in our jeep is named Judy...

Judy!  Thats cute! 


Forgot my GPS is named Navi (as in Navigation).

My GPS is Garcia.  Like Penelope Garcia on CSI who has all the answers on the computer.  My Mazda Tribute is Suvie.  The Tahoe is Goldie.  The trailer is Blackie.  My cat was named Annie as in Annie-versary.  Everything around here has a name. 

I do the same. I love the Pe

I dont know why it cut off my response, but I promise I didnt say I love the Pe.  lol.


I said, I love the Penelope Garcia tribute :D

My red Ranger Ford pickup is named Bonnie after Bonnie Raitt because I like to imagine I am as cool as she is.

Not sure that my Nuvi deserves such a good name as yours, Maryllis. It had me driving circles around Indianapolis recently and I should have known better. I knew home was north on 465 not south like it told me to do, yet I went south.

I have a turn-of-the-century leather splitter with a 26" long blade that weighs over a ton. It was loaded in my Suburban with a fork lift and I had to take it apart to unload it. I painted it red as I cleaned and rebuilt it. It is known as "Lucy" after Luciele Ball.

Ahh, you appreciate the redheads also, Dick. What does that look like?

I call my Ford E350 "the Land Barge" and occasionally "teeth rattler" as the 80psi tire pressure doesn't give a minivan type ride. Heading up and down I-65 can be an exciting adventure at times when I hit the potholes and rough pavement.

The GPS is Nanny ;-) I'm considering changing the voice to the Drill Sargeant, R. Lee Ermey, on Mail Call.

The first trailer we had was, naturally, Artie. He was kinda small, so he got sold to a guy in a wedding band. Our second trailer was so big we called it the "Artanic". It had a long pointy prow. After it got stolen, we replaced it with a slightly smaller trailer, who is, appropriately enough, also ARThur. Sick.

We have a Garmin Nuvi GPS, with a funny voice in it. His name is Squirrely, and trust me, his directions are as well. Sometimes he's right.

The truck is blue with a tan interior, and is pretty burly. And yes, he's got a name, too. BluTan.

I can come with names for just about anything.

Seems like here in Michigan it should just be named ArtVan, really making it the leader.

What color is it? Just wondering if we have matching ones.

My Garmin is so authoritative that when I disobey her directions I feel like I need to apologize. Or maybe that is my Catholic school upbringing. I would not have disobeyed the Sisters of Providence.


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