South Bend, IN

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block prints

Years in the Art Fair Business


First show ever

can't remember

What are the best things about art fairs

meeting the public

Best show ever and why

Leeper Park Art Fair, always my best

Worst show ever and why

too many to list

Who referred you to ArtFairInsiders.com? Please be specific.

saw it mentioned on Artfairsource.com

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  • Happy new year, Joan. Thanks for playing Secret Santa with us again this year. Hope the new year bring you many blessings and we meet at an art fair somewhere.
  • Thank you, Joan, for reviewing the Spring Beaux Arts Fair. We really appreciate all you have done for us.
  • Thank you, Joan, for your reviews on the Old Island Days Art Show, the Sarasota Wildlife Art Festival, and the Art Under the Oaks. We appreciate all your help.
  • Thanks for being a Secret Santa, Joan.
  • Joan, thanks so much for your reviews on the Talbot Street Art Fair and the Leeper Park Art Fair. We really appreciate all your help.
  • Read your post about old canopies and displays. I remembered your name from art show in the midwest when I lived in the Chicago area 1986-2000. I think you were a state reporter for Indiana with Sunshine Artist.

    Stephanie Nadolski  http://stephanienadolski.com

  • Joan thank you so much for helping to make <a href="www.Artshowreviews.com</a&gt;" target="_blank">http://www.Artshowreviews.com">www.Artshowreviews.com</a&gt; a great website. We really appreciate all your help.
  • Hi Joan.  I've applied to Ann Arbor and Summerfair in Cincinnati.  I am set to do St James in the fall.  I was thinking about Krasl, but it might be too 'advanced' for me just yet...Plus if I get in to either of the other shows, I just don't think I have enough inventory to do all of them so close together.  There is also a local show I did last year in Louisville that I will apply to in if I zero on my other applications. 


    Sorry to hear Kenyon won't be with you.  But you are still welcome here, I would really love it!

  • Joan, if you get to Sellersburg, I hope you will consider staying with me, I only live about an hour away.  Are you considering Art in Speed Park?  I was looking into it as well.  I thought about applying to Broad Ripple also.  I would love to see you guys.  If I remember Kenyon is quite a birder, and my neighbor is as well.  If he comes with you perhaps they could visit.  If I get to your neck of the woods, I'll try to get in touch as well!  Good Luck this year!

  • Many thanks for your support, Joan!
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