Wooden jewelry display custom built in the late 80’s. It has 4 locking wooden cases with fluorescent lights inside (I never used these (used track lighting with these cases inside). There are poles that hold the support braces for the cases. They can be set up in a line or curved into a tight horseshoe shape. (Two things that worked well with these cases are lots of people could view at the same time and they can be leveled on uneven surfaces.) The poles fit into tinker toy type frames to hold the canvas tops (these tarps are brown but of course other colors are available if someone wanted to have new tops sewn). The canvas is boat canvas—repels rain but is not waterproof. There are low wooden frames for indoor use that the cases just drop into. These frames fold for easy transport. Wooden skids hold the cases for transport in a vehicle. The pics are from the late 80’s and 90’s as you might tell by the clothing. As far as I know the display is in  good shape except for the bungee cords that anchor the canvas tops. They have lost their stretch and one of the case locks is testy. This display takes 2 people about an hour to assemble. The display has been stored in an airconditioned basement and is in good condition.


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