My husband and I are attending our first show soon and were wondering if someone out there has a list compiled of things you need (besides the art and tent).

I thought I had seen a list of items (i.e. extension cords, duck tape, stapler. etc.) that are needed for a successful show. If anyone has a list comprised of those items or knows where it is, please let me know

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  • A box with dog ties, rope, clamps, shims, tarp sharks (very handy item). I also have another box with all kinds of tape, duck, clear, masking, double sided. This box also has pens, scissors, rain ponchos, stapler, cc readers, clothes pins, safety pins, 12 volt cords to use with my power pack, 12 volt fan and any other item I might need. I call this one my junk box, it's similar to a junk drawer only bigger and fits under my wrap desk. These are things you'll collect over time as you need them. Also don't forget the band aids and anti-septic.
  • Advil  :) and Anti-Depressants.  

    • Right, Wendy -- xanax helps -- and to stay sharp nothing like a little no-doze

  • Lots of tape... lots of those little plastic ties... some art and a chair!

    Haha sorry... I'm sure there is a list but honestly, you will learn fast! The most necessary things for your first show are probably your work pieces and a good, positive attitude.

  • If you are attending the show you probably only need good shoes and rain gear and a small bag to carry your purchases in.

    If you are exhibiting at the show then you need much more.  I have put together a list but it is too personal to share.  Let me say that a list is never enough.  It will get you close but something always becomes needed that you didn't bring along.  That is why they invented Home Depot.

  • Don't use mine. I compiled a list that included everybody's suggestions.I had way too much stuff for our first show. All the extra stuff did was get in the way and I forgot to use some of the stuff I brought. I had all sizes and shapes of tarps and forgot to cover my tools, equipment, and empty cases. It is a miracle we had nothing damaged. My five page list will be cut down before Roanoke.

  • Well, we will be leaving for our first show this week at Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Our next show after this will be in Roanoke, Virginia June 1, 2013. So after culling everyones lists and advice, we have created our own checklist that will most certainly be modified before the next show. I have uploaded it as a doc file if anyone finds it useful. Any advice on what we have left off the list will be greatly appreciated.

    The only thing on the list we do not have yet is our booth flooring. a vinyl sign for the booth and the post cards someone suggested. The wish list at the end is a somewhat prioritized list of things we still need or want to add. What I left off of the list is the small to medium size camper we hope to have as we get rolling.

    WRG Show Equip-Supply Checklist.docx

    • Great ideas here! 

      I'll add something I somehow forgot this weekend - hand wipes. Argh, I was grubby till I found some. Also had forgotten paper towels. Also, I don't know about all of you, but sometimes I just get grossed out by people and their hands. 

      I have a charger thing for my iPhone. You charge the thing (mophie is the brand name) and then when your phone gets low, the mophie will deliver a full charge. Since I use Square, through the phone, the phone has to have juice. 

      The new shoes/socks thing is vital for me. 

  • Some d-ring hangers and spare picture wire.

  • Don't forget your brain and your common sense.

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