• This discussion is a few years old from what I can tell.  Are there any updates to it?  I am just outside of Milwaukee and would love to find indoor shows. I hate bees. LOL

    • No updates, Susi. In your neighborhood doesn't Huffman's run some shows? Colin Murray runs a clearance event in January, ArtWorks. 

      • Thank you! I'm very new to the show scene. Just got my ProPanels delivered 5 minutes ago for my first big juried fine arts show in St. Charles. I really prefer indoor shows as I'm sure a lot would. My preference that way is more about being terrified of bees (I am allergic) which makes for some pretty fun antics whenever they're around me.. lol   I'm trying to get used to that but if I can find an indoor show, I'm going to be on it. ;)  So who is "Huffman"? And is Colin on here? I'll have to look him up. Thanks again!

        • It could be Hoffman's ... Productions. They run shows (or at least they used to in your area, I think). Google Colin Murray --- yes he is a member here.

  • i am also moving to indoor shows.  i am a one person operation, so no more tents and heavy racks for me.  has anyone used the knockdown display grids, that are two 36" x 36" pieces to make one 3' x 6' panel, like the displays2go panels?  i am thinking they will be lighter to carry/transport and easier for one person like me to handle.  i've used the basic gridwalls but they are too heavy.

    also, i am interested in indoor shows in the southwest - i am in colorado.  i will apply for the rio grande show in albuquerque, but interested in others you all may know about.  thank you! laura reilly

    • Hi Victoria,

      What states do you travel to? I live in PA and know of a few around here- PA, VA, OH, NY.

      If you want this area I can look them up for you. What is your media?


  • The three indoor art & craft shows that I attended in the counties around Philadelphia last year all charged a fee of under $100, but also took a percentage of my sales. I also did not need to be present at those shows, so I could be in another location making additional sales. I am looking to do more of those type.
  • Great Lakes Art Fair in Novi -- spring and fall. I believe the spring show is still accepting applications. Unitl Feb 20th.

    ArtFest Midwest (The Other Show) in Des Moines ( in conjunction with the Des Moines Art Fair) -- end of June. Applications still open until March 1. Have heard that this draws a pretty good crowd, and runs shuttles back and forth to the Des Moines Show.

    The Rio Grande Festivals are indoors, with the exception of the Balloon Fest:

    The Cleveland By Hand show is indoors:

    And then there are the outdoor shows that put artists under big communal tents

    Four Bridges in Chattanooga

    Main Street Fort Worth

    Brookside, Kansas City MO

    I know there are others, but can't think of them right off the bat.

    • Thanks = I've been in the ArtFest MW every year for the past 6-7 but having the ideas for the others is helpful....I'll keep trying to gather information and will share it when I find it.

  • I wish I knew of more indoor art shows too - I'm moving in that direction because more and more the person who used to help me set up my tent for the outdoor shows is unavailable.

    I do quite a few indoor shows - but they are art and craft - which ultimately means the price point for buying is lower. The indoor shows in spring have a higher buying price point compared to the Christmas shows - because people are not necessarily purchase as a gift. I've done well at the spring shows.

    This year I am going to try out Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond, VA for the spring show. It draws a big crowd - and has a section for original work that is separate from the buy/sell.

    I love the peace and calm that comes from not having to worry about weather! The obvious draw back is that indoor shows are more expensive. My average booth cost is upwards of $500 when electricity is added.

    I've had good luck with the EMG shows in VA - both Christmas and Spring. I've learned the price points for the Christmas show and have developed smaller pieces that do really well - and still allow me to make a good profit with reproductions of my originals.

    My work sells well to metaphysical/spiritual people - so I'm trying out the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Raleigh, NC next weekend. I do the Celebration Metaphysical fair in Denver every fall - and do extremely well selling art there. I've been glad to find these shows - because that's my target audience. I've sold a decent amount of pieces in the $300 dollar range in the Denver show - and I'm looking forward to see what Raleigh brings.

    It's just a matter of looking beyond the fact that the indoor shows aren't pure fine art - and working with it. Being around crafts and the occasional buy/sell doesn't bother me - because my work tends to stand out in that type of situation. It's just finding the right price points.


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