Hello, First I would like to say I am so excited about this on line community. I am somewhat new to the art festival venue. I participated in the 2008 KC Art Plaza Fair which I consider to be my first art festival. (However, I have done a few other shows that just weren't the right fit.(My poor family travels with me on these endeavors.) I loved the plaza show the artists there were great and I really enjoyed the setting. I hope to do the 2009 show as well. I have also accepted a show in Colorado which will be the farthest drive yet. I was hoping to get some feed back about shows in the midwest. I also have lighting and pedestal questions but I will save that for a later date. Thanks to all.

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  • The Midwest host an abundance of excellent art shows. Check this out through AFC.com, which states you prefer, and just follow your nose...Good Luck in your art travels.
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