Art / Vendor Pop-Up Tent 10x10 , white vendor tent with black brown screen sides. Two years ago, when I was researching the best art tent solution, I chose the lightest, sturdiest, easiest to put up/take down and, best value I could find.

The frame pops up easily and has a bigger button, (not a ball tip like Pop Up brand) and has the 1" bottom legs that slide into 1. 14 " top leg ..this adds strength (which is what the Impact brand offered, as well as a grey powder coat finish to avoid scratching and rust). (Many collapsible tents have 3/4" Legs that slide into 1", making them flimsy)

When it came to the Hanging Side System, My builder boyfriend and I carefully engineered the system to be:

1. Light (made with sturdy, 1 1/4" aluminum square tubes)

2. Versatile (for hanging options)

3. Compact ( when folded the cigar-shape is 8" by 5')

4. Allow Air Flow (and reduce tension on tent frame when winds pick up)

5. Look Good ( unlike those white or canvas ones with umpteen straps)

6. Structure -This system uses the weight from the art or pieces to help stabilize and anchor the tent...especially helpful when the weather kicks up By designing the side panel the way we did--made with one, 7' x 30 panel of dark brown poly mesh (like the contemporary sunscreen window shades)-- there is not only less visual distraction ( typical 7 x 10 mesh panals have gaps and oodles of straps), the weight of the paintings/art hanging on the mesh help create extra weight to stablize the tent in wind.

The mesh hangs off of three, (two side and one back) 10' square framing tubes that span and rest on top of the tent legs and have been customized to quickly click into place and secure to the frame. The brown mesh panal, with its riveted aluminum U channel simply slips over the top of the framing tubes. We added three more framing tubes at the bottom for even more stability, and easily cotter pin into place!

In addition, quick adjusting nylon webbing is already attached to the frame to create 4 points of tie downs in the back and two in the front (again more stability). We added another setting to the center pole to make the tent top more taught and ensure that there is little to no pooling of water when it rains.

So why am I selling this ideal, specially designed tent? I'm a bit of a perfectionist...and...I have a new color palette for my work and I need to create a new, display that shows off my work more appropriately. Asking $850 for the whole ideal set up.




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  • Kathleen, I am interested in your customized tent. Where are you located? Is it possible for a 62 yr old woman to assemble it alone?

    Kathleen Caid

    • HI, 

      Yes, this tent was designed for this 54 y.o to put it up herself...and to fit my whole show in my Jetta Wagon...thus thats why I went light and sturdy.  I am in Naples...where are you and when do you need it?  I may come north a bit if you are in the state.

      • I am in California. I am coming East for several shows in May, all outdoors, first one on May 23rd in Charleston, SC. How far North are you willing to come?

        • Maybe as far as Jacksonville. Where are you in Cali?
          • I am in Los Angeles (Glendale, just 5 miles from downtown LA). I am really interested in your tent. A question though, you say the side walls are brown? Does that upset the show promoters who want everything a uniform white?


            • Hi, 

              I know LA, lived in Manhattan Beach during Hight school years.

              Wow, you are coming along way.  

              The screen is an umber color, the tent is the required white. 

              I love then screen solution, made from sunscreen net. Drape hooks work well

              and are inexpensive at home depot. I loved that I have the flexibliity to hang in any fashion i want because they are easy to move.  

              What kind of art do you do? Paintings?

              • Beaded jewelry:981297460?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

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