How to level my tent


I've got an event coming up and I know I'll be on an uneven surface.  I'll be putting my pop up canopy on the peak of a hill but the front two legs of my canopy will be on the crest of the hill as it begins to slope down.  I think I'll have to raise those front two legs a bit to keep my canopy from leaning down the hill!  I have an ABC canopy and have never had to "level it" before now.

This canopy style pops up but only has one extension option on the legs.  For example, there are not various stopping points along the legs that I can choose how long the legs are.  In other words, I can't choose to make 2 legs shorter than the others when on an uneven surface.

Do any of you have tricks to share?  Are there certain objects you use to put under your tent legs to raise them? :)

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  • i carry a stock of various thicknesses of wood cut to 4”x4”
  • Mine shims could work.  I used to use them at the Park City Utah show which was notorious for the setup along the long hill of its main street.  

    Mine shims are like regular wood shims only very thick - about 2" if I remember.

    I think Larry's suggestion of modifying the legs is probably best for stability.  But if you don't want to do that, find some mine shims.

  • I use 6" x 6" blocks of 2x6's and same size of 3/4" plywood. Linseed oild to keep out moistuer. Weigth of tent keeps legs in fixture on the blockes. I level even on slight grades.

  • How about modifying the legs?

    If their are release pins that go into holes, then just drill a couple of extra holes. Better to lower two legs a little, then to prop up on blocks that might not be very stable. 

    • The extra holes Larry suggested is the best option. Do it on all four legs as it will come in handy for future shows where the ground can be uneven not only front to back but also sideways. Just be sure to smooth out any metal burs with a file when you drill the holes. It is also useful to wax the tent legs for easier sliding up and down

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