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Up to now, I have painted mostly in watercolors and in a more "realistic" style.  But recently I have been experimenting with a more abstract style in acrylics, painting similar subject matter, but using much bolder colors.  I realize juries look for consistency across works, but I'd really like to show both styles and mediums.  Should I try to jury in using both styles, or do you think this is too risky?  Is there anyone out there who has been successful in doing something similar?  I've included some samples of two of my newer works and one of my older style for comparison (not my actual jury photos!).

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Hello Sonja,

I am not a painter so honestly, when I first looked at your 3 images and didn't see a difference in style/medium, (but of course a jury would).  Point is, they are -- to a layperson's eye -- similar.  Some might argue that it would then be OK to show both in one jury.

Buuuuutt... I think to be safe, you should bite the $$ bullet and apply twice to a show -- with each style alone.  You will then also gain feedback on which style this jury liked best.  Verses: if you apply with a mix and 1) get in... did they like one so much they let you in in spite of the other? or 2) you were not accepted: did they love one but hate the other? or 3) did you not get in simply due to a lack of consistant technique?

Good Luck,

--Chris Fedderson

Thanks, Chris.  Yeah, I might just try that.  Then, if both styles get accepted, I also have a choice of which I prefer to show.  Hopefully, at least one style will make the cut!

Hi, Sonja.

I also paint, as well as draw.  When it comes to juries, I send them a couple of each type and style and, except for one show, I'm usually accepted.  but here's the rub, I'm finding more and more juries that seem to accept everyone, at least judging by what I see at the shows.

By the way, really like your duck.


Thanks, Raoul.  I'm pretty new to the whole process, and I did a mock jury this year where they really stressed consistency across your work; but maybe I'm just overly concerned.  


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