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Hi everyone, looking to buy a high roof cargo van, but not finding anything locally here in Las Vegas at least from online searches. Anyone selling, or have tips or resources to look? Thanks! 

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I'm assuming you've tried Car Max, Ryan. Also, a few years ago I bought a really nice car on eBay. They have a special section, eBay Motors. Another idea is if you can find buyers who go to the big used car auctions you could find someone and give them your specs to be on the lookout for you. I've used all 3 of these options.

thank you! I didn't see much on car max, Ebay I didn't think of that. good call. I bought a car on an auction once, bad experience! but I suppose it all depends on which auction and how they're checked. 

We will be selling ours - a 2013 Nissan High Roof HD 3500 V8 5.6 liter Cargo Van, no accidents, tech and towing package, outfitted, less than 30,000 miles - but we're in Michigan.

Email for more info if you're serious please:


I own a 2016 Ford Transit that had a recall on drive shaft coupler failure. Ford does not hav a proper fix for it. My coupler failed again after 30,000 miles on it and I had to pay for repairs including a new drive shaft.

I would use extreme caution if any one is thinking of buying Transits

I've heard Nissan is a better option than Ford. I'll keep this in mind thanks 

thanks Paula! I will email you 

thank you, just emailed you! 

HI Ryan,

Here's a link to a website I used to find my 2015 Ford Transit 250 extended highroof van. Mine has the 3.5l Eccoboost engine which I'm extremely pleased with. I have 100,000 miles on mine and Ford just fixed the  drive line issue Patrick made reference to at no charge. Check out the link, you can refine your search to better fit what you are after.

Good luck on your search,


Tom, how did you get it fixed for free.  I bought my van in 2016.  At 70000 miles Ford repaired it for free. I t just happened again at 100,000 miles. No freeby this time.

Maybe yours was not fixed on original recall.

That's a bummer Patrick! Ford just sent me a recall ticket and I took that into my local Ford dealer. It was that simple. When I bought the van used at 40,000 miles, the dealer said they had fixed it then, however, it must not have been the finial fix. 

Thanks Tom! I will take a look 


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