I'm looking to put extenders on the legs of my Eurmax 10x10 premium pop. They don't sell leg extenders, but I've seen a lot of artists add these to their tents. I'm not sure if they were homemade or not. Does anyone have a link to buy something generic online, or a homemade solution? Thanks 

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  • Is it the one with the hex legs or square legs? I did see where some one used the legs from another similar tent turned upside down to fit the bottom legs of their Eurmax. I have extender legs legs for a couple of my EZ-Ups, but seldom use them and they had to be drilled to make them fit. The Eurmax square legs would be easy to extend by finding steel bar stock that would slide inside. You could have a machine shop mill out a slot that you could place a pop button in to lock in with the holes in the existing leg. You would need to figure out a foot pad for the bar stock. If the bar stock can be long enough it may weigh enough to be your tent weights.

  • Hi Ryan, I am a bit off topic but since you mentioned the Eurmax I wanted to ask about your experience with it.  Costco is selling them and it would be for my first show.  Any feedback?

  • 3/4 inch conduit with a bunch of hose clamps?

    Larry Berman

    • Thanks yes I think that would work. Would probably need to weld on the top/bottom, and good to go. then just figure out a way to fix the tent to it. match up the holes maybe and have bolts and nuts 

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