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What is a good way to send a number of photos - say about 20 or so- to a customer besides attachments?

At one time we put together a group using pagemaker to send to a wholesale customer and that worked. I don't think I still have software for that.

Does anyone else have a way to send several where you can add a small description, price, etc? Like making a digital catalog?

Thanking in advance.


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Search for sending html e-mail. That displays the images within the e-mail but they are really on your web site or somewhere else that you are hosting them. It displays on the viewer's computer as if they are looking at a web page. The only issue is that the viewer has to enable html e-mail. Maybe better to send them a link to a page on your web site where the page is structured as if it were the e-mail.

Larry Berman

What about using Dropbox?  (Though, I do agree with Larry that the link to your website would be the easiest, if you have a website). allows you to send any number of files including very large ones.  This was a free service for a long time but has switched to a monthly fee however if you have not used it before you can use it in a trial mode for 10 days.  The files are combined in a zip file and a link sent to the recipient to click on to download.  Not sure if this will work for you but I have used it to send very large video files as well as photos without issue but since their switch I have gone back to Dropbox and Google Drive as a way to share photos.

There are a number of places where you can post the pics and send a link to the customer so they can access the images like Dropbox or Google Drive. As far a descriptions go, you can use a photo editing app to add those descriptions to each individual image. I use a free app called An easier way would be to make a text message or a word doc with all the descriptions. If you just want to email the photos in an email, you can insert the photos into the email, which is different than an attachment. Google lets you send up to 25 mb in an email, so each of your photos have to be around 1 mb per. Incidentally, if you go over the 25 mb and try to send it, it immediately tells you they are putting it in a folder on Google Drive with a link that you can send to your customer, so they can access the photos. I found that out by accident when I tried to send a copy of Hillary Clinton's interview with Howard Stern which was 250 mb. Btw, everyone should find that interview, which lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes, and listen to it.

Create an FTP. you can then give each person a unique username and password to access it. you have control to edit it and remove / replace files at will. You can create this on a remote server or on your own.

With this, file size is unlimited.

Thanks all. I plan to get to work on this soon. Thinking I may look for whatever is free first until I know exactly what my needs are- flickr?

Happy new year!

I use to send and receive music files.  I bet it would work for pictures too.


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