I’m headed to Ann Arbor next month for my first four day event. I realize that’s a huge event, with many more artists participating than at other events I’ve been at, so I’m not sure how much art to take.

What do you do for longer events?  

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  • What is your media? That makes a difference. When we started out we'd attend art fairs and actually count the pieces of inventory in artists booths in our media. That was very helpful. Unfortunately, we never did sell out ... 

    (We participated in AA for 29 consecutive years.)

    • Thanks for pointing that out Connie; of course that makes a difference.  I'm a contemporary painter, painting representationally (florals mainly) in tinted epoxy resin. 

      I know someone who told me he doesn't take any more pieces (sculpture) for a four day event than he does for a two day event, which is what started me thinking about it.  

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