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Thank you for accepting me into your group!  I hope I will prove to be an entertaining asset to the group.  I am eager to participate and add value to the pursuit of art and business.  Please excuse my inexperience in the art festival circuit, I would love to learn from any advise that any of you have to offer.  And I hope to one day meet everyone that contributes to this site.

Thanks again,

Carla Kathryn Cope

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Carla, we are glad to have you join us. I hope you'll be entertaining too. Many check in here regularly just for the entertainment value! We love one another's stories, the more outrageous the better. We are at all levels in this business from "no shows" to "too many to count." But this is the kind of business where there are always new things to learn and we are here to help one another. Let us know what we can do for you and please do not let your inexperience in the business hinder your participation.

What is your media and what are hoping to do with it?

Hi Connie,

I'm building a body of work based on "Fragility" by stiffening open weave fabric and forming it into hollow boundaries.  They seem to be keeping the atmosphere of water worlds and I've so far stayed on a base of canvas.  I've posted some on this site with my profile.  I have not put them into any shows yet, but I do have them on Etsy (hopefully they will be a sellable item).  Otherwise, I enjoy painting in pastels, charcoal, and acrylic.  I've also been building a few craft dream catchers (they are fun, due to their quick assembly to get the ideas out fast).

I was hoping to join the Art Festivals this season, but in Florida we have a small season while it is cool enough to be outside.  Anyway, I think I have missed that opportunity.  I will keep working toward the late season or next year.

I will look for your profile and check out your work.  I am assuming they everyone has a little gallery with their profile page.


Hi Carla and welcome.  I'm sure there are still some shows in Florida that you could apply to for the upcoming winter seasom.  Where in Florida are you located?  Some of the smaller shows might be a good place to start.

Hi Pat,

Thank you!  I live in Sarasota, about an hour south of Tampa.  I just found out that I have been trying to get into the closest location to me, but I did not know that this is one of the most difficult shows to get into.  I also learned that I need to do a bit of work on my booth photo.  I'll have to spend the next couple of months making some new art for the booth, that will keep in harmony with my main media.  I have a lot to learn yet.  But I'm happy for the journey.


Hey Carla,  

Are there any indoor Art Festivals in Florida?  I'd look into that...especially in the warmer months.  We do that here, in Michigan, in the can probably find some here on this site.

The main indoor shows in Florida are the Buckler shows.  They are country crafts, a lot of buy/sell and a lot of junk and they are not cheap to do.  Probably best to avoid them.

Thank you Alison!  The last thing I want to do is make any more costly mistakes.  I'm glad I have you and those that have done this before to help me out with advise.  It is an incredible value!


Hello Carla!

I'm new to the Art Fair World too and concerned about what it takes financially to equip myself for selling...the tent, the fees, etc.  Will I sell enough to make a profit?  Is it enough to just get myself out there?  I'm sure the experience will be satisfying but is the overhead and hard work worth it?  I would love to hear from some old pros on this topic...are you out there?

In any event, welcome to a fellow newbie!  What is your medium?  Have you posted photos yet?

Good Luck! 

Christina, Your concerns re: the expenses involved in doing art fairs are certainly valid.  You can always start slow by maybe borrowing a tent or buying used.  But here is no getting around the fees and they can be significant.  Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out your market, if your art will sell and at what price point.  You are correct that it takes alot of hard work and dedication.  The passion for your art and doing shows is also important.  Starting any business takes a certain amount of capital and doing art shows is no different.  You need that to get you started and keep you going through the lean shows.  Good luck as you proceed!

Hi Pat,

Thank you for your response, I truly appreciate it.  I guess I'll start small and see how it goes...

Thanks again,


Hi Christina (fellow newbie),

It is quite an expensive endeavor, but I'm excited and can't wait to participate in the fun.  I have already invested in the tent, walls, etc., now I am dealing with lessons on how to get through a jury admission and how to organize myself.  My problem is that I love both art, and craft, sort of a split personality.  So, I'm trying to mingle to two together in a mixed media fashion.  I have posted the photos, but I've got some more exploring and production to catch up on.  I was trying to set up my booth photo as a retail store front (a variety of product styles and price points - sort of all over the road).  I want to try and narrow that field of focus into a clearer vision of one direction.  This is very difficult, but it's also a great and fun challenge.  It may turn out to be a lot of hard work, but I love to be pushed to grow.  So in the long run, is it worth it?  I think that depends on your desired outcome, (whether that be artistic and social growth, or financial success) well, I guess both are a goal, maybe it is for me, it is in priorities, goal #1, then on to goal #2.

I look forward to finding your photos!


I just found your photos, they are great!  I love felting, I use felting in a lot of my art on canvas'.  Beautiful hats!



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