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Several years ago I started trying to sell my photography and I purchased an Epson 2200 printer. I loved the freedom of being able to print archival prints without using a lab or darkroom, but I soon ran into the problem of a lack of picture frames for the sizes I liked to print. I decided to form Frame Destination, Inc. and eventually I quit my day job as a computer engineer in telecom. Good thing since the company I worked for folded a year later.

My business is doing much better. I moved it out of my condo (at the great joy of my wife who didn’t mind giving up the garage but was pretty upset about the dinning room and part of the living room) and since then we have moved a couple more times and now have over 11,000 sq ft. I now have room for a nice photo studio, but alas the framing business still keeps me pretty busy so I still struggle to find time to shoot.

I recently discovered Art Fair Insiders from one of our customers. It is obviously a wonderful recourse for the Art Fair community and I am happy I can use my company to help support it as an advertiser.



Frame Destination, Inc.

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