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So So So sick of adjusting my propanels from the ground up ....the legs  get jammed inside the tubes and wont extend half the time , uneven ground etc.... i want to be able to hook my propanels  on my tent frame and let them " hang" ..... sure ill put a few stabilizer bars down after the fact but any ideas how to attach some sort of hooking system to the tops of the panels ?

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ProPanels makes a skyhook. Inserts in the top tube of the panel, and has an adjustable screw to lengthen or shorten. Can be hooked over the top bar of a Craft Zhut, Trimline or light Dome.

Here's what they look like.

HOLY COW!  Has anyone actually used these for a full booth?  Jim, Linda?  I love, love, love this idea as leveling our panels eats up a huge chunk of our setup time.

But make sure the panel hooks don't get bent, even slightly. Two of mine won't tighten anymore.

I know about these hooks and I called propanels to inquire, they said they are more like stablizing hooks and didn't think hanging the panels with them would work. my other concern was inline with what Jason said.. they tighten inside and against the tube itself... i wish it had a pin that actually could be inserted through the tube and hook locking it it place... of coarse this would require drilling holes .  Anyhow , Jim , since you  have these hooks ,  can you insert these hooks  , hang your panels evenly and then drop a few bottom feet to for added support ? ANd Signe... im with you , this takes up so much of my time ...way too much time ... it shouldnt take that long... i dread it and i HAVE to find an alternative!

I don't use them for that purpose. They matched your description of what you were looking for. The range is only about six to eight inches. 

I use 2x4 blocks to level. It takes abut of time but the effort is usually worth it to get the frames plumb and level. 

What about using mesh panels? No leveling issues there.

Thank Jim ... Believe me sometimes  I wish I wasnt such a stickler for a classy and gallery style looking tent or I would be using mesh right now! Wish there was some sort of panel/carpeted -mesh -stlye compromise out there ....  i think i will look into the propanel skyhooks again .. thanks again!

ProGallery Panel Covers:

I am thinking about getting them.

Heyyyy!, Wait just a darn minute!  There is nothing un-classy about using mesh panels in your tent.  You're at an art fair, not a gallery!  What's wrong with  showcasing your work on light walls, while breezes gently flow through the tent, keeping your customers cool? No leveling, they weigh about 5 lbs, they go up in a snap.   Sheesh... Photographers... :)

So there...

I use them for a full booth but I still level the propanels tight to the ground.  They add a great deal of stability to the tent but I don't think they'd work well for hanging the panels.

thanks Alison, and sorry Amy , didn't  mean any offense.. it's just a personal preference i guess .

No offense taken Shelagh!  Everyone has their own ideas of what's right for their shows.  I upgraded to mesh from the heavy gridwalls and love it!  They all pack up into a neat little bag, which is another plus. Have a great season!  


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