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"Happy Feet" Tent Weights for Sale - Chicago area - but ship anywhere! $175

"Happy  Feet " tent  weights are basically slabs of steel - roughly 12" X 14" by 2 " deep - that can be bolted to the feet of your tent or suspended with straps. The primary benefit is they are virtually invisible in your display - unlike the tubes or  cement buckets or water drums that distract from the over appearance of the display.

I purchased them about 5 years ago from the woman in Iowa who made them.  She told me Flourish (Trimline Tents) was trying to get a patent on them from her.   They are no longer being made.

Despite their weight (Approx 50 lbs each) - they are sized to fit in a USPS Priority Mail box - which has no weight limit (last time I checked). So they can be economically shipped.

They come with all the connecting devices to secure them to the bottom of your tent feet.

$175 plus shipping.

I don't have a good picture of them - but if you  are intersted I'll go take one and send it!

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I am very interested!!! I hate my cement weights and was looking for something different.  I live in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. 


Great!  They are now at Public Storage - on Big Timber Road and Rt 31 n Elgin .  I could meet you there just about any time .  I can take cash, or a credit card.

Robert Rydin

630.399.5699. (call or text)

I will text you tonight so you have my number too.  We can work out a date that works for both of us.  


If Anita is not interested, let me know. I live in sw burbs of Chicago. Thanks!


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