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I think I have a solution, but I wanted to see if someone smarter or more clever has already found a better way.  I need to securely hang 20 x 30 metal prints on my Flourish black mesh panels.  The metal prints I've ordered for my very first show ever have a plastic frame on the back that, when hung conventionally, sits on a "cleat" (not shown in the image below) that you screw into a wall.  This makes for incredibly easy hanging indoors, but there is no way to securely hang them on mesh panels.  For my booth shot, I used drapery pins, but I would not trust them in even a light breeze with expensive metal prints.  This is what the back of the prints looks like:

The bottom edge of the top part of the frame angles up 3/4 inch at about 65 degrees.  You can place a hook under there, but it is not in the least bit secure.

I'm considering attaching two removable 3M Command hooks to the top frame of each print, with the hooks going into the mesh.  This seems like it would be more secure, and the hooks can be removed (in theory) at sale and reused.  I've not tested this, but perhaps I should.  I've also considered suction cup hooks (shudder!).

If anyone has solved for this already, I'd appreciate hearing about your approach.


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  • Good afternoon, all!  I thought I'd share the solution I've arrived at.  I decided to use velcro to attach 3M Command Hooks to be backs of my canvas and metal prints.  This allows me to 1) reuse the command hooks; 2) quickly attach them at setup; 3) quickly remove them at sale; and, 4) store my prints without worrying about their being damaged.

    Thanks, everyone, for your ideas!  This may not be my long-term solution, but it works for now.

    • Thank you for addressing the issue that I have been noodling for a long time.  I like what I have seen and I intend to put it in use this Saturday.

      Brian Reagan, brickhouse partners ltd | aka #ThePatentArtGuy

    • Hi, TC:

      I have my first art fair next month, and I was literally signing up to AFI in order to pose this exact question when you happened to reply, bringing this thread to the top!  Thank you!  I'm using metal-mounted prints, with have cleats, but no wires.  Also 20 X 30 and larger.  Can post/PM me a photo showing exactly how you set this up on your prints?  Have you tested it with the Flourish walls (which I am about to buy)?  Thanks so much for reinventing the wheel before I had to do so!


      • Hi, Adam.  I am using these 3M Command Hooks, rated for 2 lbs each.  Here's my approach (the 20 x 30 print below is metal, face down, and protected by bubble wrap):

        First, I put velcro on the backs of my prints.  I use the fabric side:


        Then I put velcro on the backs of the command hooks.  I use the hook side as it wouldn't wear out as quickly as the fabric side when reused repeatedly:


        Finally, I attach the hooks to the prints by marrying the velcro:


        These command hooks are toggles, so I may use hot glue to force them into a permanent up position.  Also, the hooks are a snug fit in the Flourish black soft walls -- which means it would be difficult for them to pop out on their own; however I may use some pliers to crimp the ends a bit to make insertion just a bit easier.

        I've tested the hooks on the soft walls, and I've made certain that two hooks can handle the weight; however, I've not gone all the way and tested the entire setup on a mesh panel, as I'd have to pull one out and set it up, and I just haven't been in the mood.  :-P

        I hope someone finds this helpful!

        • I know that I do!  Thanks so much for clear explanation.

  • You cannot just reuse the command strips. You have to replace the "gummy" part, each time. The hard plastic is reusable, not the stick-um.

    You can also use "Stand offs". There are the type that go through the print as well as the type that are edge mount. If you use the edge mount, you can hang a wire from the rear.

    You can use a router and put a Keyhole slot in the plastic or wood hanger to then use an S hook.

    You can use a Spring clip edge system.

    You can use two S hooks on the bottom and a single on the top (inverted).

    You can mount small wood blocks to the back and then wire it.

    I have used many different systems.

    I've hung 48" pieces like this, with no problem.

    BTW the drapery hooks hole just fine on the Flourish mesh softwalls. I never had one come off, even in high winds.

    • Thanks for these ideas, Larry.  Most of them I'd never considered.  I was leaning towards the command strips because they were simple to attach and remove, meaning less handling of the metal prints and risk of damage, but you've offered some other very viable options I'm going to consider.  Thanks again!

    • And as Hal wrote. I like the idea of afixing hanging wire. It will make the customer happy and is about the least expensive method, yet reliable.

  • I have the same Flourish mesh panels and I display the same size metal and canvas wraps. I use wire and D rings for my metal prints. I have the cleats to give to people if they want them. And, BTW, metal prints on black mesh looks great!

    • Thanks, Hal.  I am very interested in this approach.  I feel dumb for asking, because it might be obvious, but how did you attach the D rings?  Did you drill into the plastic?

      PS:  I, too, love the look of metal on black mesh (thought about half of my images below are canvas):


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