Hey everybody!


We just sold our first metal print off our wall, which was being hung with Velcro strips across the back. We unfortunately didn't realize how difficult it would be to get the Velcro off the back of the print before giving it to the customer. With this revelation in mind, we are looking for a new method of hanging all of our metals, ranging from 8x10 to 24x36, without the use of Velcro.


If anyone has any suggestions we would be immensely grateful.


Thanks all!

Jeremy G.

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  • Most glues, even very aggressive ones, will soften/release/remove with solvents. Some solvents, like GooGone are meant to handle a number of adhesives, and Acetone or Xylene work quickly. Do a test first using a small amount in a dropper or squirt bottle. Acetone will remove dried paint/ink and damage some plastics, but it shouldn't be a problem on the back of a metal print. Xylene works slower and is better on plastics.

  • Interesting delema, my metals have a bracket mounted on the back for hanging - it comes that way from the printers. But I do have a couple that I printed with out the hanging kit, I think I will just use them for display and drop ship any orders directly to the client. 


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