After a few years of using Pro Panels, I recently bought an entirely new set up...Trimline tent, mesh walls and wall covers.

I used the mesh walls for the first time this past weekend.  I wasn't very happy with the way my art hung on the walls.  Since I only use 2" deep panels, they were falling forward instead of "standing  up straight" against the mesh.  This kind of thing never occurred to me when I bought the set up.

We tried using two hooks and spreading the picture cord as far apart as we could when hanging, but still the bottoms of the paintings push into the mesh, and the tops look down toward the ground.  

I'm guessing it isn't as noticeable when you use a 3/4" deep canvas, and perhaps is an issue only with the deeper panels.

Has anyone come up with a way to keep this from happening? 


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  • I don't quite understand what Flourish Mesh panels with Covers, you are speaking of?

    I have the Flourish Mesh Softwalls. Currently I use the double sided Black Softwalls. The trick is a bit of what you said. 

    A) Make sure the Mesh is pulled tight from side to side.

    B) Make sure the inner bars are pushed together, they end to slide out a bit.

    C) Cinch the bottom straps snug but not very tight. You can bend your stabars if you pull too tight on those straps.

    D) Do what you have said about the double hooks and spreading apart. I go about 10" apart on my 4' wide pieces.

    E) You may find lowering the hanging wire attachment points, on the frame, rather than raising it to help. Depends on your balance points.

    F) Hang something on the outside of the walls. This gives the works "resistance" - something to push against. I often hang on both sides of my walls. If you are not displaying on the outside walls, you can still hang something there, under the sidewalls, to achieve this.  In lieu of that, you could just pull a rope / cord from side to side, on the outside at the height(s) you want to reinforce.

    • Thanks Larry - I’ve tried all except E.  I’ll give that a try.  

      As for the mesh panels with covers, I have the white mesh walls and also the gray fabric covers that adhere to the mesh using the Velcro on the mesh wall. (You actually hang the walls with the hooks facing forward so you can use the little pieces of Velcro to attach the wall covers.)

      • So, are your hanging hooks going into the Mesh walls or into the covers?

        • i was not sure whether you were addressing your question to me. Yes, i am using S-Hooks on the mesh wall. I do not have covers.

      • I am thinking about buying Propanels. Appreciate if you would share your experience and any cons? Thanks

      • Some of my paintings in frames were stooping forward. I raised the point where i attrached the wire on the back of the frame. This solved most of the problem. The higher the wire attaching point on the frame lesser was the stoop. Hope it works for you too.

        Very strange how our need changes. I am going towards buying Propanel after using Mesh walls for some time and you are going the other way. I guess both systems have their pros and cons. A word of caution, please go easy on the velcro side straps. They tend to break. I lost 2 of them, luckily it happened on the last day of the show and I managed it.

  • Hi there, not sure this would help, but I've had a similar problem on hooks on pro panels as well. this article at least helps on the hardware end to reduce the lean out. hope it helps! as for the mesh side, I'd love to use them instead of pro panels but I'm not sure of a way to make them more supportive, and to keep them from blowing in the wind!

    • Thanks Ryan - that info was helpful.  At least it let me know that what I’ve tried is about all I can do.  

      To be precise, I already use bumpers, but they don’t make any difference on the mesh.  What I started doing was hanging the wire higher on the backs and, more importantly, using two hooks, spread quite wide, on the mesh.  That helps make the wire even tighter and pulls the tops back.

      I also realized that as I add panels below, the weight pulls the mesh more taut, which also helps the tops to pull back some (better on the ones at the top of the walls, at least).   But it isn’t as nice as I would like.  I’ve considered stringing a bungee cord tightly behind the mesh, near the bottom of the pieces, but that only works if you have wall covers (so you don’t see the bungees) and if your pieces on that section of wall are all the same size.  So, I guess it’s just something you have to deal with when using mesh walls and 2” deep panels.  Just wish I’d known it before I switched from ProPanels to mesh walls so I wasn’t surprised by it.

      And just FYI, I didn’t notice that issue as much with my ProPanels - probably because of the bumpers on each piece.  And I haven’t had much of a problem with the art swaying in the wind - except for when I use my pop-up tent with the mesh instead of my Trimline tent.  I guess the 2” deep wood panels are heavy enough to combat that.  If it’s too windy, I drop the tent sides.  Easy fix.  

      • Have you talked to Flourish about the problem/ They may have a solution or they may agree to take it back at a reduced cost. good luck.

        • I have Gary - it’s just the nature of the beast.  But thanks for the suggestion.

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