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Joe Clifton checking in from Florida where my lovely wife Mackie and I recently relocated from the Pacific Northwest.

"Why did you move from there Joe"?

Thanks for asking.  There are days I wonder until I talk to my oldest daughter yesterday and it was raining in the upper 50's and I was sitting outside with a cool one by the pool!  Enough of that.

Mackie and I have been creating art and doing shows for over 20 years predominately in the western US.  I'll be happy to share information on anything I know about shows in the California bay area, Oregon, Washington, and a few in Nevada and Arizona.

I've shared some photos here and my website has a few at .  I appreaciate any insight on any shows that I should consider from Florida to Pennsylvania and east to the midwest.


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Welcome to Art Fair Insiders Joe and Mackie. We are so happy to have you join us here and I know that your insight on your experience will be greatly appreciated. I looked at your pictures and really enjoyed seeing the creativity you add to your work. Wow, talk about moving across country. Best wishes in your new home and best of luck in your future shows. Hope you have a great week.

Does your boss Sherman do shows with you? My boss Kaiser sometimes does shows with me. enjoy Florida.
Yes he does! We now have a new boss named Sofie. She's a fourth month old precocious miniature schnauzer, and she's really starting to run things around here now. You'll love to meet them.
Hello Joe and welcome to Florida. You do beautiful work. Good luck with the upcoming season.
I love traveling with my dogs as you must too.maybe we'll meet on the road some time.
Hello Joe and Mackie. We are glad you joined us here at Art Fair Insiders. There are a lot of cool shows down there in Florida. Are you 2 doing a lot of those Florida shows?

Jacki B
Hi Jacki,
Thanks for the note. I love the format and sharing aspect especially since we are new to this area. I have over 20 years of knowledge around the western us but nothing here.

I did two shows last spring: Port Orange Artfest, and the Peace River Festival in Punta Gorda. Both were so so. I've applied for Gasparilla and ArtFest Ft Myers so far. Any other suggestions?s
Hi Joe,
Ha! Looks like you've got a great boss! Good luck in Florida! I'm jealous!
My parents live in Ft.Myers, FL. I would love to live in FL! Maybe one day.
Great work too!
Hi Ali,
The boss is great but don't be too jealous. The weather is getting great right now, but a little (more like a lot) far to a lot of the good shows. Living expenses are less than cheap though so that's a big plus. Our plan is to spend most of the summers elsewhere to do shows. Most likely we'll continue to do the west coast.
Welcome Joe -- I am also a new member to AFI. Your work is incredible. I love your birds. I am just curious, do you have some background as a welder or machinist or other trades man? You are extremely talented. I wish you the best of success in Florida.

Robin from Robin's Nest Treasures
Thank you for the kind words Robin!

I grew up on a farm in West Virginia, and my father taught me to weld when I was 14. I've been creating work since then. I was a journeyman lineman and manager for a west coast electric utility, and my wife and I did art and craft shows for over 20 years before I decided to hang up the power company last year.


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