For those of you who aren't familiar with Jason Horejs, owner of Xandau Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, he's a wonderful writer as well. His blog has some of the most insightful information (outside of AFI of course) you may run across. His latest post is all about what NOT to say when closing a sale. I think you might find it helpful. I know I did.

You can find it on the reddot blog, here.

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  • Those are very good articles, Jim. I always like reading these things since it makes me go back to square one. Quite often we can get carried away with the complexities of careers and forget some beginners basics that are ALWAYS valid.


    Another good idea is to read what some authors have published for collectors, like Alan Bamburger's Buy Art Smart, for example. I know not all people interested in buying art are gonna read someone's suggestions to them on how to do it. But it gives art dealers some insight into what collectors might be thinking.

  • I've learned a tremendous amount from Jason Horejs, and recommend his book, his blog and his online workshops and other various programs. He seems to be an honest and direct guy, he has a beautiful gallery, and his father (maybe both parents) was an artist, so he's familiar with both sides of the business. 

  • Thanks for sharing this info, Jim.  This is good stuff for anybody that likes to make art but doesn't love the selling part of it.  This should help them to feel more confident in that part of the process.

  • I do not know this writer -- thanks for this link, Jim.

    What was your favorite one? Or which one surprised you?

  • Mr. Horejs' book is a good read as well, but maybe not the first book I'd read as a newbie. His blog has grown over the past couple of years, and he shares a LOT of useful, well-thought out information. Worth subscribing to, and reading.

  • Yikes, I'm always eager to show them another piece, which he says is one of those things NOT to say when closing a sale. If you go read that blog post, make sure you click on the link about how to ask for the sale. Great info here. Thanks for the heads up.

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