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Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to get visitors to your booth at live shows to follow you on Facebook or instagram?

People will ask about my website, which I don’t use really to sell, more of a product showcase. But I have links on my homepage to my socials and I tell people that is where they can see my most recent work and all. But I don’t see any real changes my engagements after live shows.

What does everyone else do?

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That should be “growing” not “going” in the title too.
You might offer a little incentive such as “follow me on Facebook for special offers/exclusive deals” etc.

Even with the best efforts, don't expect that everyone that you talk to will put you as their priority when they get home. Social media is a great way to have quick places to show your work, but it is so swamped with every kind of gimmick that getting noticed there or getting followers is a hit or miss proposition, so make sure you are not relying on them remembering later. Give them help in getting there. It's been my experience that it's best if you can get them to follow you right then. People get distracted and forget by the time they get home, and if they just walked through a big fair they may have been told "follow me" a dozen times or more. For Instagram in particular, there is a feature called Nametag, that you can scan phone to phone while the person is there so that they can follow you instantly (you can find a quick tutorial online). I don't use Twitter but I would think they have something similar, and Facebook has QR codes that do the same thing. I also make sure I give them a business card that has all of my social media info. I personally pick up business cards all the time when I am out and about, especially at art fairs, and I may forget them initially but then there will be that day I am cleaning out my wallet and there it is and I follow up with the business.  


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