Getting tax license for Lubbock

Hi all!

We are doing our very first show ever at Lubbock and are told we need to obtain a sales tax license.  Rather than search around 10,000 random sites, anyone have any info on how to do this? Also, we were wondering how the booths are set up (we are awaiting some info from the show folks).  Do you have to be inside the booth, or is there space to sit outside the booth?  Seems that having to do your sales from inside would take up a lot of room.  Anyone familiar with the Lubbock show.. I would so appreciate any input you have to offer.  Thanks so much,


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  • Hi I am in the show too. I filled out my TX tax thing and sent it in last week. The link is You fill it out, print it and mail it in. It gives you your sales tax number right before you print it out.
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