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This looks good, not too far travel wise, does anyone have any info??????

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Hi Yes I thought it looked too, so I applied and am hopeful that I will get in.  From what I have read, it is well attended and in an upper middle class suburb of Nashville.  My favorite guitarist, Jack White lives in the area :-) so that is a plus for me lol.  I thought it was worth trying, so we will see!! 

Thanks, I also applied and we'll see.

Franklin is a cute town.  I traveled there once and it just has that special feel about it.  You will love being in that area.  Lots of history there, too.

Every one keeps telling me this, guess that I'll have to check it out,thanks

I did it once many years ago and it was a very good show. I sold many of my largest pieces. I might consider it again.

I have  applied, just have to wait and see. thanks:)

Hi Linda,

There are a couple of shows in Franklin in the spring.  In April is the Main Street Festival.  It is a large show with a lot of people in attendance.  My only problem is everything is considered art.  Tube socks with hand painted designs is considered art.  I think the show is of the opinion that more artist makes a better show.  I did it for several years and it just got to big for me.  There were people that made money though.  I heard it has new people running it so maybe it better.  I live 50 miles from there and won't do it again.  There is another show in June called the Art Show at the Factory.  It is a reatively new show in an indoor "mall" of sorts.  It's well run it just needs a little time to grow.

thanks,do you have any more info on the june show?

I did the show in June 2 years ago and did awful but I just don't think it was my crowd.  I'm a glass artist and most of my work is $100 and up.  I did sell a few cheaper things but I think that is how most shows are going.  If you don't have affordable ($25 to $75) items, you don't appeal to a lot of the crowd.  That being said some of my friend did ok there.  A wood carver friend did well as did a glass jewelry artist I know.  It has moved around in the mall and instead of being spread out around the mall I think now they are bunched together in a meeting room which should help.  You wouldn't have to walk the whole mall to see all the artist.  It is well ran and they are eager and wanting to do well.  I'm not sure I would do the show if I had a long drive and had to run up a hotel and food tab.  I think it has the potential to be a good show in the future but it is still and infant.  It is in Williamson County which is the most affluent county in Tennessee so the money is there.  The show just needs a couple of more years under it's belt before I would invest a lot of money in it.  (I have friends on the committee, I hope I didn't make anyone mad)

Thanks, Both show aren'tt too far, live near Asheville, but still would have the usual expenses. I'll look into the shows that you mentioned, it would be nice not to have to tavel so far.


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