Hi, all.

It's time to get ready for the new show season! We are retiring from traveling to shows with our sculptures. We've sold much of our setup, but have Propanel panels and pedestals available.
We will give preference to buyers who take all of each type of item. For example, all panels and associated hardware, or all pedestals. Pick up would be in the Sedalia, CO area south of Denver.
Most items are in really good shape. There are dings in a few places, but nothing we’ve been embarrassed to show! To keep things simple we are selling the groupings 50¢ on the dollar. That’s our no-haggle, stress-free pricing. Cash only.
Summary And Pricing (detailed item list below)
Propanel display panels (oatmeal) and hardware
  • New, $3,200.00
  • Our price: $1,600.00
Propanel pedestals (gray)
  • New, $3,425.00
  • Our price: $1,700.00
Propanel oatmeal display panels
  • 7’ x 38”, 11
  • 7’ x 24”, 6
  • 7’ x 38” opens (just frame, no fabric), 3
  • Lots of hardware:
    • Straight stiffeners, 8
    • Corner stiffeners, 5
    • T stiffeners, 5
    • Adjustable corner stiffeners, 3
    • panel top tent hooks, 6
  • Support bars
    • Long, 2
    • Short, 4
    • Banner bars, long, 2
  • Flatwork hangers, some unknown number (free if we can find them)
Propanel dark gray pedestals
  • 42” H  x 16” W, 7
  • 36” H x 16" W, 3
  • 30” H x 16” W, 2
  • 24” H x 16” W, 2
  • 36” H x 12” W, 2
Propanel dark gray desks:
  • 36” H x 30” W x 16”D, 1
  • 42” H x 16” W, 1
  • 40” H x 16” W, 1

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  • the desks and pedestals are all square correct?

    • All the pedestals are square. We have one rectangular pedestal we'll throw in. The 30" desk is rectangular (wider than deep) and the other two desks are square.

      • how deep is the the 30" desk? 16?  I am trying to figure out modifications for my booth

        • never mind i reread your description it is all there.  sorry blind I guess.


          • how bulky is this lot of pedestals and desks?? what aprox size to haul or pick up??? 

            • The pedestals and desks break down flat.
              Pedestals stacked: approximately 46” x 46” x 32”
              Lid tub: 32” x 18” x 20”
  • Oh darn, I saw dark gray on the pedestals and assumed the panels were too. Can't do oatmeal color. Great price though, I'm sure they'll sell. 

  • Super duper. First come, first served. Email jeff@jpgregory.com if you'd like to set up a time to come down.

  • I'm interested in your panels, we're just north of you in Golden. 

  • Are any of these still avalible?


This reply was deleted.