Ok are you just as sick of hearing about swine flu, excuse me H1N1, as I am? I see antibacterial containers in Target and even churches, like the one I am a member of, go as far as wanting to forgo "passing of the peace" because of some people believing they'll catching the flu. So, my question is this, does anyone have any thoughts about whether or not this flu season having an affect on show attendance leading up to Christmas and other major holidays coming up? Michelle www.bythebaybotanicals.com www.quickcraftartisttips.blogspot.com

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  • Michelle, I'm kind of tired of hearing about the flu too---especially since it's so darn hard to get a flu shot anywhere. It's funny, we go through this just about every year---drug companies and the government know the flu is coming, recommend everyone get immunized and then-----not enough vaccine to go around. What's wrong with this picture??? The priest at our church asked everyone to please stay home if you are sick and not to shake hands during the "sign of peace" if you have a cold. They've even put bottles of hand sanitizers up on a table for the people (who give out communion) to use before they give out communion.

    People will still come out to shows even though they are not buying as much as before. The sales at shows should pick up though as it is getting close to Christmas. As for myself, I usually keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on a shelf under my checkout area and use it a lot more than I did before.
  • Wow, I've never hard of this. Might as well stay at home in a bubble-room and eat from a in-bubble hydro garden.
  • My last show was down a bit even though the weather was better than the previous year. It will probably have some effect. I had, and am recovering from, the flu right now. I can tell you that I would have missed anything that was going on during this sick time. It is not keeping me from going out, though I am being more careful about what the kids and I are touching and making sure they do not put their hands or other random things in their mouths.

    People will still buy presents. We have all seen the decrease in spending and have cut way back myself. Of course it will affect things, but hopefully not too bad. Remember to buy gifts from your fellow crafters/artists/vendors (whatever you call yourselves) and support our community!

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