2021 10 x 10 Flourish Trimline Tent in excellent condition. Includes top, walls, front awning, rear awning support using back tent sidewall, all poles/hardware for tent and additional poles/hardware for french wall and optional rear door, staybars for soft wall option, corner weights, and carry bags. Discontinuing outdoor shows because of age.  $1000 or best offer. Located in Hanover/Gettysburg area of PA. (717) 357-1209.

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  • Is it still available?

  • dont have recent pictures because I've been using older booth shot. I'm doing my last show at Frederick MD June 8-9 and will take pics before and send them to you. Tent is available anytime after that. If you want, you can inspect it there as well. I'll send you my booth spot when zapp makes them. You are second in line based on responses if you are still interested, and 900 is good by me.. First guy is in VA beach and may not stay in line because of distance.

    Thanks for your interest!

    Bill Lewis

  • Can pick up

    • I am ready to buy for $900 
  • I'm interested I live over in Lancaster about an hour from you.  Do you have any pictures of it setup?

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