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Hi there - I am going to be doing my first festivals/booths this summer and have been doing research on tents and finding it rather daunting.  Obviously, I would love a trimline or showoff tent, but being on a budget, I am wondering if there is a happy medium between the high end tents, but not the $200 that will leak and need to be replaced after 1 season in gusty Colorado winds.  From what I can tell, there are no "waterproof" or vinyl topped tents for sale under a base price of $900.  And none of the mid-range "professional" grade tents with 500-600 denier polyester claim to be waterproof and even say on their FAQs to take them down immediately in rain...  Being in Colorado, a nasty thunderstorm with heavy wind, rain and hail can sneak up on you with little to no warning.  And I don't want to have my artwork destroyed.  So, while these mid-range tents can't claim to be weatherproof, can anyone give me firsthand info on using them in less than ideal weather conditions?  Any recommendations?  What about sealers?  

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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You can check whether your show offers rentals (they set up) while starting out?

The only pop up tent with a 100% vinyl waterproof top that I am aware of is the Vitabri. It is not cheap but you get what you pay for. I have a Vitabri and a Trimline and these two are the absolute best for their types.

We are looking forward to getting one! We have the staybars already & sure we can use them, but never heard of a pop-up until this one. We love our Ezup shade  especially when setting up in the rain!  I always suggest if you have any kind of pop-up to have staybars & 40lb weights on each leg.

I have only used an EZ UP, and I purchased it from Sam's.  They have never leaked and the only reason why I purchased is because they get dirty on the top.

I think the leakage and poor construction claims of the pop up tents are way over stated. I have a EZ UP, A Eur Max and a Lite Dome.  I used them in all kinds of bad weather and never had a problem with any. Never ever did any rain come right thru the tent roof surface.   I now only use the Eur Max at all shows.  Its about $200.  I do put the swim pool noodle on each corner and three  side stabilizer bar.  Add another $100.  Even so its 10 times faster to set up and take down and I can do it without any help.  

If you want the Lite Dome they sent out e mails this week that they are having a discount sale.  I think its 20%  to about $800 instead of $1000.  If you are in Florida you can stop in the factory and save the high shipping cost.

The Light Dome (on sale now for $150 off) is the best compromise between the Trimline and a pop up tent. Any tent you purchase will need at least 45 pounds of weights in each corner.

Larry Berman

Did you see someone has a used Trimline and walls for sale on this site for $1200 (also in CO). I used an EZUp for several years before moving up to a Trimline. There is no comparison in the feeling of security from the weather. My EZUp would allow water droplets to drip through in the rain. The Trimline is completely waterproof. 

Hi, I am selling a nice Flourish tent on this website. I have it priced with the soft walls, but I can sell them separately. The tent, however is in Aspen. This is the link to the tent. Thanks Kathleen

I have always used a KD Majestic and have been satisfied with it. 

Weighted down well and drilled into the pavement/ground whenever possible.

The top had a leak at the point about 7 years ago, which I sewed and duck taped, still holding, no leaks.

I have used my Undercover R-2 pop-up tents many times in very bad weather. I have been at shows where many other tents succumbed to the elements and mine stood strong, with no leaks. The only things I am aware of, that I do different than some others, is originally I sprayed the roof seams with a recommended water-proofer (undercover suggested it), I use a good amount of weights hanging from the corners and I use the tension adjustment in the middle.  Far less expensive than the Trimline. Huge difference inset up time and ease. Never had a problem with pooling water. Never leaked. Never blew away.


What water-proofer did they suggest.  We have that tent and love it.

"303 Marine / Recreational Fabric Guard" 

It is made or distributed by:

Golden Eagle Co.

4400 S. Kildare,

Chicago, IL 60632

(800) 367-3245

upc: 0 82043 00616 4  for the 16oz size

Search your local Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Walmart, Marine supply, RV supply etc.


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