I've been accepted into my first fine art show at the end of January 2022 and I have a few logistical questions that I'd love some advice on!


1. When a customer purchases a framed photograph, do you bring multiples of each print with extra frames to replace the ones that sell? 

2. What is the most efficient way to transport 20+ framed prints? Are you putting them in individual boxes? Multiple frames in a bin? Where are you sourcing the boxes/bins besides Uline? (I'm nervous about damaging them in transport.)

3. The show is outside so there's no electricity. I'd like some lighting though and would love your recs on battery-powered lights.


This forum has already been so helpful. Thank you in advance for any guidance!


- Lindsey Foard

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  •  What size are your framed prints? If they're a medium size, 18x24 or 16x20, a suitable carrying box can be made out of Rubbermaid Rough Neck totes. Use an 18 gallon Tote for the bottom and a 12 gallon tote upside down for the lid. Cut the center flat out of two lids and run a bead of Liquid nails around the top edge of one of them. Place the lid ring on a tub to keep it correct dimensions, and seat the other ring on top making sure it's lined up/ Let cure for a couple of days. You can get 8 one inch deep frames in there. Place a pair back-to-back, place a piece of matt board or foam-cor, or an extra matted prints, in between the faces of the next back-to-back frames. Just keep  the faces of the frames fromtouching each other.  The package is a little heavy but easily handled.

    I did the same thing using a pair of 33 gallon Rubbermaid Totes for 20x30 canvas prints and 24x30 framed pieces. 8 to 10 framed pieces with glass becomes a two person moving job as it weighs a lot. i could move them in and out of my van by myself up until a couple of years ago. I still can but it is very taxing to do it. I would suggest having some boxes made to handle no more than four of framed pieces that large.

  • I would use the black and yellow rugged tote bins and separate frames between bubble wrap. 

    For battery powered lights, I just invested in two sets of Silicon Light Works clip on in silver. I've used them for 3 shows so far and battery power lasted over 8 hours, light weight and easy to set up. Pricey but highly recommended on this site too. I bought two combo sets in silver, a total of 4 lights, clamps, and two battery packs.  

    Good luck!

    • Thank you Leanne!

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