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I have just finished going through Diana Ferguson's discussion asking artists to "like" each other's Facebook business pages, (good job everyone who has participated there so far) and I notice that every so often in the thread we are asked not to "like" from our business page but from someplace else. Huh? I am not understanding.

Besides clicking on each artist's link is there something else I should be doing?

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To "like" a page it must be done from your personal Facebook page. If you have a fan page (business page) you can add another fan page (business page)to your favorites on your fan page but you cannot "like" it from your fan page (business page) I hope that makes sense!

"likes" in Facebook are similar to page rank in Google. Being added as a favorite to a business page does not have the same affect.

Nope. Sounds like the same information. Basically what I've done here is click on the links in Diana's discussion and gone there and "liked" the page.

Where is the starting point? If I click from the AFI links isn't that fine? or do I have to go to my personal page and then paste in the url that is in the AFI discussion?

To be quite honest I think they have now changed the way that it works. Previously you could choose how you interacted on FB. You could choose to use it as yourself or as your business page name I think that option is now gone. My wife takes care of my FB page and I will have to ask her when  she gets home.

I know this is my page

I'm not a FB pro by any means but I've been using it quite a bit over the past few months, primarily through my artist / business page ( ).  My activity on my personal/private FB is minimal. The primary reason I use FB is to post and interact as my artist page / profile, and so all of my activity, including engagement with other pages, "liking" other pages, commenting, etc, is done through my artists/business page.  When "using FB as page", you can, indeed, "like" other pages.  I think what was referred to in the other forum thread is that when you, as your page, "like" another page, that page's total number of likes does not go up.  To me, that's not really too important because I believe that genuine interaction and engagement on FB comes via comments made on posts, photos, links, etc.  So I hope no one is offended if I "like" their page via mine and my "like" isn't factored into their total number of likes.  I'd still be reading your posts and following along :)

By the way, it IS possible, as a page, to give thumbs up / "like" individual posts - status updates, link shares, photos.  If made through your page, they will show up as made by the page. Same goes for comments.

It's a personal choices, of course, but I really prefer things this way.  As my page, I have "liked" various museums, organizations, and other artist's pages who are of interest to me. So that when I go to my page's Newsfeed, I see posts from all the places and people I'm interested in following, and when I comment on or 'like' their posts, I do so as my page (it's really an awkward name for what it is!).  This way, if people click on my name, they get to my artist page instead of a personal page.

I hope the above makes sense, and that I'm correct on the points I've made.

BTW, Elena -- very nice FB business page!

Nice explanation and makes sense.

I guess my question is "how else do I post except from my personal page?"

As I've thought more about this what I've arrived at is that I'm more or less permanently logged in at FB with my personal logins -- so any time I go visiting other pages it is my personal page/ID that takes me there.

Do you think if I signed out of that and signed in with different logins, as the admin of my business pages, then I'd be visiting others pages from a business page? I'm thinking this is the answer to my conumdrum.

Connie, did you set up the AFI FB page ( through your personal page? How do you currently access it? If it's linked to your personal page (I would imagine that it has to be), when you initially log in to FB, in the upper right corner, to the right of the "Home" button" is a downward pointing arrow - one of the options there is "Use Facebook as __________" (where the blank is the business/artist page you've set up).  When you switch to that, your activity (comments/likes, ) will be made by the business page, so you should be able to comment, etc as AFI, for instance.

Ah ha! A light dawns. It was a long time ago when my FB pages were set up and I have no idea how it was done, my son helped me do it. But now I see what you are talking about. If I go to the Art Fair Insiders FB page in the Home I can choose  for that to be my "persona". I can set it, or my other page Art Fair Calendar, to be me, a business as me.

The good news is that I didn't know this before and luckily visited all the FB links in Diana's discussion as "me" not AFI or AFC. Thank you!

Yes Connie you "liked" us the right way :)


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