Located in Stuart, Florida. All equipment in like new condition. Used only three times before health reasons forced me to conclude the art fair business. Includes: 

     1, EZUP white canopy with roll up side walls.

     8, Shelter Logic weight bags, each filled with 30# sand. Total 240# ballast.

     1, Flourish lower StaBar kit

     1, Flourish upper StaBar kit

     1, Flourish EZ Mesh complete panel set for EZUP canopy.

     1, Flourish French wall Mesh panel and pole kit.

     1, Flourish EZUP rear door option #1. 

Includes all manufacturer's easy set up directions and information. Original purchase price was $1483.00. I have all original sales documents. All for $700.00. Shipping is possible but must include all shipping/packing costs to your stated address. The approximate shipping weight is 200#. Terms: cash, money order, bank check. Personal checks accepted but no shipment until bank clearance occurs. 

Contact:   Thomas Burns         Gco75inf@aol.com

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  • Hello--from your description, does 1 kit means just one wall? Or does that mean 3 walls with the french wall that would be like a divider inside....I am just starting out---I have borrowed a friends' EZ up but realized most shows don't allow tables--so now I am researching walls. But your deal sounds awesome. Sorry about your health. I am located in Fort Myers. Thanks.

    • Hello Paulette,

           First I wish to address your inquiry, then ramble into a few thoughts about my experiences.        

           Yes, the mesh walls are a three wall wrap around. The Flourish Company website has very accurate and explanatory illustrations as to exactly what the system looks like. 

      -Go to Flourish website.

      - Go to "Mesh panels for pop up canopies."

      - Go to the bottom of that page for "Convertible Width Mesh Panel" which wraps around the Door Frame to create door opening. Can also be used as a full width panel.

      -Go to middle of page for: "French Walls For Pop Up Canopies: French Wall White Mesh Panel."

           The system is quite adaptable. Sometimes the canopies are placed with zero side room clearance making the back door a necessity. Sometimes there might be a few feet between canopies allowing you to close the back door and utilize that space as additional display area. With the added French Wall feature and three complete walls there is a lot of presentation area.

           I utilized this system for more than a decade. This equipment is a new replacement system because the original just wore out after hundreds and hundreds of uses. The fifth show with the new equipment is when my back completely gave out and rendered me unable to continue. It was a slow degradation of adult idiopathic chronic scoliosis affecting the L3, L4, L5, S1 spinal area. Hey, being 72 I am as well as I can be at this stage but can no longer perform the job necessary to commit to the art fair business. 

           After I send this email I will try to figure out how to attach a photo of the set up. I warn you that being 72 I possibly haven't the expertise to successfully figure how to do it. My main computer helper is not to return from an absence for another two months. Be aware also that I am not exactly on the computer very much; maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Should we continue to have discourse about a sale, we might wish to bypass the Art Fair go between and e mail/telephone directly. I also do have photographs of the system and would be glad to forward one if I can find the negatives.

           Back to the Canopy issue: My experience with the Pop Up Canopy and the Flourish Display System has been spectacular. I was a bit daunted when I first experimented with the set up and breakdown procedures, but after three or four such cycles in my backyard it became second nature. As a continuing help I marked all the fittings as to their position in the system. And, to make matters easier, the Flourish set up directions that come with the sale are quite easy to follow with photographs. Plus, I also include my own photos of setup details to assist in assembly. Sometimes in the past the canopy set up sat in the garage for five or six months at a time. Whenever I went to the instructions for refreshing, the process came back intuitively. Sort of like a big kids Erector Set. Incidentally, I used to do the shows solo and never needed an assist, although most all of the artists attending the shows were always glad to offer a helping hand when occasionally required.

           Anyway, lets continue to be in touch. My email is      Gco75inf@aol.com         If  we can communicate via private email I would be glad to supply telephone contacts. To make life easier. 


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