When I applied to Cape Coral I knew they were 100% Eventemy. But what I didn't realize was if my app was juried in, they immediately charge my credit card. The only choice i have is to withdraw before jury takes place. They are suppose to announce accepted apps today-Nov 1. Hopefully I still have time to withdraw my application.

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  • Eventeny is the platform posted recently for a show we have done a few years now!  concerning that they have tacked on a fee (approx7%) on top of the jury fee and booth fee.  And a if canceled a fee 100.00 ???  I did not finish the application ..feeling very uncomfortable, 

  • I love it that you misspelled the name of E... Every show that used them last year for a virtual show, has dropped them. If a show has decided to use them as a portal, instead of ZAPP, there is something wrong with that show. There is plenty of info about E... on FB in a number of posts. Check NAIA for one. What I would suggest you do is contact Stripe, which is Wells Fargo, and tell them you did not authorize them to take your money. You haven't accepted their invitation, yet. As for me, I will never do a show that even thought about using E...

    • Is Eventeny the platform of reference here?

    • I used them for two shows. One was a big event, with awards last March. I have many concerns about E... and will not use them again. I believe it is important to remove all of your images and data from whatever you set up on their site as soon as you decide not to continue. I was surprised to find my artwork linked to them long after an event was over. 

    • Potatoes, Patatoes, you ought to hear me try to pronounce it. I've always said I would never do a show they were involved in, but somehow my left brain took over my right brain and said, "Give it a Try." I guess that just means,,no brains :)



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