Double booked, do I do Mainsail Florida?

Lo and behold I was accepted into Mainsail (St petersberg FL) this year. Problem is, I have waterways (houston TX) the weekend before, san antonio Tx same weekend of, and Art in the Square Southlake Tx weekend after.

Do I forgo a relaxing (which means minimal driving) show in San Antonio, and drive from Houston to St petersburg, then back to Dallas? Or simply stay in Texas, rest and eat proper barbecue?

Interested to hear opinions / experience about Mainsail. 

BTW I am an abstract aluminum sculptor, sometimes called a "geometricist," other times "the artist"

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  • Now the thought i am considering, will Mainsail open up a Florida market for me? Some pretty good museums in St Petersberg; Fine Arts, Dali, Chihuly, Arts and Crafts and several others. Although I have never been, I assume this means the local community is educated and supportive of these styles of work. Man, is that some driving from Houston though

  • You do the math, Mark. Part of this business is making money, I've been told. I know you are up for some extreme drives, but for me I've never heard big enough sales figures at Mainsail to Make that trek from Texas.

    • Making money? what's that. LOL. Actually this year I made a small profit. 

      Good point Connie, thank you

      • Same here and now in the waning weeks of 2022 the push is on to buy and pay whatever to reduce profit so business of Sub S shows a loss that can be used to offset investment income (not much this year) or carry forward loss to next year. That's what agood CPA is for. It's the business side of art and art shows.  

  • Also i am rarely accused of being a good speller

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