I am a newer artist, just trying to get into some mid-level art shows this year.  I've been researching how to improve my booth shots by looking at other artists' examples, and one thing that struck me was how large many of their pieces were compared to mine.  I do mostly watercolors and some acrylic, but my largest pieces only measure about 16" x 20" framed, and I have a lot that are 11" x 14" framed or even smaller.  Most of my acrylic canvas work only measures 12" x 12" or smaller.  Does this hurt me with respect to the aesthetics of my booth shot?  Also, will the jury hold this against me for some reason - like maybe they think the selling price for the smalls will be too low?  My first inclination was to display all the artwork I have completed for sale in my booth shot to demonstrate that I had enough pieces available.  But I have also noticed that many artist only display a small number of pieces - although, again, they are usually much larger than mine.  I have about 30 works completed for sale, which I can comfortably display without looking too crowded.  Should I include them all?  

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  • Thanks Larry and Robbie!
  • I don’t think size matters. As a jewelry artist my work is tiny. As an art collector I’m super into miniature paintings.
    • Yes, Robbie, I think the mini paintings are very trendy now!  I find I like to create a lot of smaller pieces because people who like them can easily justify buying one!  The size allows them to find room to display it, and the prices are more affordable.  Mine are bigger than the minis you collect, I think, but still I have a few at the 5” x 5” size or 5” x 7”.

  • Thanks for asking this! I was wondering the same thing.
  • A) It's funny you had to clarify the "Size matters" remark :-)

    B) Less is more, at times. Having a cleaner look in the booth shot is better. The jury is only supposed to see what the general booth looks like. Not inspect what the images in it are Booth shot only).

    C) You don't need large pieces to display at the shows. generally, the large pieces just help sell the smaller ones.

    D) They don't need proof of your abundant inventory. It is assumed and required the artist has enough inventory to do the show.

    E) I bring some larger pieces to my shows but find many will tell me they don't have the wall space and purchase smaller ones.

    • Thanks, Larry!  To your point C, maybe I should just create at least one large show piece to hang on the back wall and help draw people in!  To your point A, I hope no one takes offense, haha...I’m not insinuating that artist’s minds go there (or am I?)

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