Set of Pro panel mesh with stay bars.  $200.00 OBO,  Necklace and earring displays - grey,  black, some acrylic all in good shape  20-30 - $100.00 OBO.  4 taller tables (custom made) for 10x10 space with beautiful faux leather covers (cloths) $100.00 for all.  Paragon Kiln for firing PMC and other precious metal clays - in great shape $100.00.  Molds for PMC - both commercial and hand made and much, much more for a full time artist - i.e. sterling silver findings, semi precious stones, chain etc.  Tools.   Had many compliments on this set up - "Best display in show".  All in very good condition.  Had to quit when my husband died - couldn't travel by myself any more.  All or part and am open to offers.  In Bozeman, Mt.  phone # 208 720-6602.  email -


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  • I would like the Pro Pane mesh.

    Would you, please give me more info on these?

    I assume they are 3 panels?

    7' high X 10' wide?


    I'll buy

    • Larry - are you the gentleman I spoke with last month on the phone.  If so, I need your phone # again.  I came down with bronchial pneumonia and have been pretty sick - hence did not get the equipment ready for ship.  
      But can now  I need your address and phone number.


      • Lesley, I sent the information to you, via Private Message, on this site.

        I have not heard from you via telephone, PM nor in this thread.

        Did you receive my message?


      • Yes, I'm the one.

        I was waiting to hear from you.

        I wondered what happened. I'll PM them to you.

This reply was deleted.