I got my invite for the 2013 Deep Ellum Show, I had applied way back when I hadnt done any shows yet, (totally new only done 4 festivals so far) _ I applied because I always do super good in texas.  Just wanted to see if anyone had any good input on the show, its a 4 hour drive and a few nights in a hotel for me

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  • Destiny- Did you do this show? How was it? I did it a few years back, it was the April in Texas when it SNOWED! Needless to say, it wasn't good...

  • I haven't done it, but have a photog friend who has done it several years running. It's a hippie crowd, looking for a good time, low end impulse items generally do best. As filler between other Texas shows it can work if you have low end material.

  • Thanks for the info... Im thinking I might try it if I dont get invited to a few other shows I applied to.   I have applied to some pretty big shows throughout texas and oklahoma and a few elsewhere that I would of course prefer to do, but I thought of this because I just have had such a great experience with Texas in general.   I was kinda thinking it myself that all I could find were reviews on how "fun" of a party it was that maybe it wasnt for me.   I do sell prints between $25-$60 they are my low end items that usually do well in any show so maybe.... i just dont know  its super hard when you cant find a lot of info n a show anywhere

  • well, I was considering and applied also before I knew what I was getting into.. dont think I'll go..

    check it out on google/yelp! huge party for young beer drinking Dallas crowd. I could only find a reviews stating how much fun it was to eat drink and listen to great music.. oh also had some pretty good art, like coasters with pictures on them, and jewelry.. but did not buy any.. AFSB says about the same, can get lucky, some fine artists do, but most do not. Very large crowds, I would think you should have low priced catchy items, and they might do fine... think volume - don't think it's my crowd however, and it's three long days..

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